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By EconMatters

We discuss the Jeff Sessions controversy in this video for the Trump Administration, and why it is obvious that Sessions needs to step down, as it is bad precedent for the Attorney General to be caught lying under oath at the confirmation hearings.

The problem for Sessions is that if nothing went on in the Russia Meetings, the fact that he at the very least, would lie or purposely mislead just to avoid the “Negative Russia Appearances Issue” which he knew full well what he was really being questioned about in the confirmation hearings, means Sessions routinely lies about trivial political issues when it serves his interests. This approach is just untenable for the Attorney General of the United States, he has damaged all positional credibility going forward in his role as attorney general.

The other possibility is that Sessions is lying under oath to cover up the obvious Russia Connection that both the Trump Campaign and the Russians benefited from digging up as much dirt on the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton and winning the Presidential Election. So both Russia`s interests were aligned with Trump`s interests in defeating the Democratic Party in the Election, and did they coordinate actions, intelligence, briefings and influence in any manner?

Just the fact that this is even up for debate given our history with Russia is a sad state of affairs. Ronald Reagan would be rolling over in his grave giving all this praise and cozying up to Russia in any way. Putin is a rogue dictator, and Russia will ultimately be better off when Putin is out of office from a domestic standpoint over the long haul. Putin has destroyed Russia under his tenure, the sooner Russia citizens can get his regime out of office, the sooner that country can get some real much needed political and social reforms.

The bigger point is that Trump and his Lieutenants have no business having all these meetings with Russia period, quit giving them all this access to your cabinet and administration. Russia is not our friend, and never has been. And nothing that has occurred during the Putin regime indicates Russia is a good geo-political ally or friend in dealing with any geo-political issues that the United States faces going forward.

And I didn`t even get to the fact that Russia interfered with our Democratic Election process, and that is unacceptable for the most powerful nation in the world. They need to be punished severely for this behavior, otherwise they will just become emboldened to meddle in any issue here in the United States where it suits their needs. This is just a bad precedent, and a strong message will have to be sent!

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