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By B.N. Frank

Many publications have already reported about Fitbit wearers experiencing a variety of health issues including Activist Post, Daily Mail UK, and Natural Blaze.  Regardless, they continue to be manufactured, marketed, and lauded – even for saving  lives.  They are even being made and marketed for kids.

It was reported earlier this week that an Ohio woman claimed that she started experiencing unusual symptoms about a month after she started wearing a Fitbit.

“My blood pressure had always been 120/80,” she said. “I was healthy as a horse. I told them (doctors) about the readings I was getting on the Fitbit.”

ALL of the symptoms she reported are common symptoms of exposure to wireless WiFi radiation and other sources of electrical pollution (Electrosmog).

  1. Cardiac
  2. Head cold
  3. Chest pain
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Tiredness / Exhaustion
  6. Tingling sensation in hands and feet
  7. Weakness

She could have been experiencing “Microwave Sickness” or “Electrosensitivity.”

Lab testing could have confirmed whether or not exposure to her Fitbit or other sources inside her home or outside of it could be playing a role in any or all of her symptoms..

Over a one year period none of the 9 doctors she saw seems to have suggested that she stop wearing the Fitbit to see if her symptoms went away.

In her own words:

“I wouldn’t have had the proof on hand to show them,” she said. “If I didn’t have the Fitbit, I’d be having a completely different story to tell you.”

Indeed.  This video demonstrates how much WiFi is emitted from a Fitbit.

Research has also confirmed that exposure to all sources of WiFi can increase pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them.

Research has confirmed that exposure cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation along with Electromagnetic Fields has a cumulative toxic effect when combined with other toxins.

Research has confirmed exposure disrupts the blood-brain barrier which can cause it to leak.

Experts have insisted that all sources of WiFi be classified as Carcinogenic – not “Possibly Carcinogenic.”

Many U.S. broadcast stations and other media outlets have been reporting about harm from exposure to new technology.  Even celebrities have been voicing their concerns and citing research.

Also from the article:

Finally in January 2018, one year and nine doctors later, she finally was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, a condition that causes reduced blood flow while standing up. Teriaca said that she’s been told a diagnosis like hers could have taken much longer, as long as five years, had she not had the monitoring information from the Fitbit to show her doctors what was going on.

Again – research has confirmed that exposure to all sources of WiFi can increase pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them. 

More from the article:

Today, she uses her device to monitor her heart rate and manage her POTS.

Teriaca said her doctors have told her that her POTS is most likely genetic.

“I was told I’d have periods where I’ll be OK, then I’ll have flareups,” she said. “I take two different medications to help maintain water in the blood to increase blood circulation. I have to increase salt and water intake. I drink about 10 glasses of water and I salt everything I eat.”

WiFi isn’t magic – it’s microwave radiation.  Experts reported in 2010 that 1/3 of us are “sensitive” to WiFi and other sources of electrical pollution  it to some degree and 3% are clinically sensitive.  We are all being played by “Big Wireless.”

Medications won’t cure symptoms and illnesses caused or worsened by exposure to digital, electronic and wireless technology.  They may mask symptoms for a while but probably not forever.

With enough exposure, it’s possible for anyone to become “sensitive” to WiFi and Electrosmog.

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