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Sebastian Gorka is so spicy I think he can fold space…

The Deputy WH assistant has been making the rounds to discuss the ‘crisis’ in the White House over Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian attorney, and let me tell you – this guy is the Tyrion Lannister of the Trump administration in terms of wit and delivery, making not one, but two CNN hosts his bitch this week over Fake News.

On Tuesday, Gorka appeared on CNN with Alisyn Camerota, where he tossed a few truth grenades over the network’s ratings, telling viewers that “more people watch cartoons than CNN.”

(How could AT&T still want to pay $85 Billion for parent co. Time Warner with such a seriously damaged asset?)


Then on Wednesday, Gorka appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss Trump Jr’s meeting which was likely designed to set up the Trump team and is blowing up in their faces…

As Real Clear Politics reports:

Gorka called the idea that there is a “bunker mentality” or “crisis” about this week’s Donald Jr. news in the White House “laughable,” stating: “We are pushing the Make America Great Again agenda. The president is a steam locomotive that will not be stopped. It’s just fake news. I’m sad to see CNN fall to this. I know you want salacious, sensational coverage for your ratings, so your corporate sponsors and owners will have more money. But that’s not media, that’s not reportage, it’s just fake news.

Gorka went on to tell Cooper that “The story only exists – it only has legs – because the Fake News Industrial Complex is obsessed. Nine months of accusations with zero evidence of anything actually illegal!”

Cooper had a few snarky comebacks which Gorka batted away before proceeding to deliver yet another “he broke me” moment for the beleaguered Very Fake News network.

“It is not about you… It is about actually having journalism back on TV. Where are the Walter Cronkites? It is all about ratings and money, it is really quite sad.”



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