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President Donald Trump’s Twitter rampage defending the federal disaster-recovery effort in Puerto Rico has entered its second day, with the president accusing his critics of being “Fake News or politically motivated ingrates…” in a series of early-morning tweets.

Underscoring the notion that Trump’s enemies and former rivals are using images from devastated Puerto Rico to score cheap political points, Hillary Clinton took a moment out from her “What Happened” book tour to tweet her “support” to San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, promising “we are with you and Puerto Rico.”

Trump engaged in several widely covered twitter battles in September, from his feud with the NFL, to his tweets labeling North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un “rocket man” and promising that the North “won’t be around much longer” if the country continues to provoke the US.

Meanwhile, as we reported yesterday, the US Navy has been steadily ratcheting up the response effort as details about the situation on the ground grew increasingly dire. Hurricanes Maria and Irma completely devastated the island’s communication system, so it was difficult for military personnel and FEMA to gauge how much help was needed. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of pounds of food, water and other necessities have piled up in Puerto Rican ports, but devastated roads and a shortage of qualified drivers have made distribution difficult.

If yesterday’s twitter activity is any indication, we imagine we’ll be hearing more from President Trump later in the day…

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