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That’s a pretty “yuge” promise. What will you do to help make sure Trump keeps it?

It’s Veterans Day. All the flag-waving politicians, especially the insincere ones, are giving press release/photo op lip service to how much sacrifices have been appreciated. All the while, they’re doing nothing to make the plight of veterans any better, and in many cases they’re making it worse, particularly in regards to the right to keep and bear arms.

veteransaffairsva_032615gettyForemost among those concerns are actions by the Obama-directed and controlled Veterans Administration to deny guns to hundreds of thousands of veterans without due process.  Gun Owners of America explains:

Specifically, they’ve been reporting veterans who have a fiduciary trustee to act on their behalf for legal or financial matters. All veterans with this arrangement are being automatically declared “mentally defective” according to, and are having their second amendment rights revoked. Over the past 4 months alone the VA has reported over 260,000 veterans to the NICS, which now accounts for 99% of all “mentally defective” claims to the database.

That’s a hell of a way to say “Thank you for your service,” is it not? Trump can help correct that. He can also make sure backers of the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act — currently stalled — know that his signing it depends on whether or not “the order or finding of a judicial authority of competent jurisdiction” will only be issued if comprehensive due process protections have been ensured.

Opportunities for reform also exist for current serving members of the military.

nh-recruitment-centers2-677x316_c“[T]o have a strong military, we need to allow them to defend themselves,” Trump observed about military bases and recruiting centers on his campaign website.  (Oath Keepers took a lead on providing security for recruiting centers  in its “Protect the Protectors” program, and Trump elaborated on ending base gun bans in a July 2015 AmmoLand interview.)

screenhunter_04-nov-11-12-57One other area where reforms are urgently needed (but only a few of us seem to be calling for them) is the gun ban at military cemeteries—and this applies to veterans, their families, loved ones and friends. It’s not only an intolerable infringement, it borders on blasphemous considering the interred are those who risked — and sometimes gave — all in defense of the nation and the  Constitution they swore a sacred oath to uphold.  And while that ban is codified into federal law, Trump could and should use his bully pulpit to press members of Congress for a change he can sign, reminding controlling Republicans that they are also significantly indebted to gun owners for their House and Senate majorities.

There are plenty of other gun-related reforms and promises for Trump to keep that I outlined in my just-published GUNS Magazine “Rights Watch” post-election analysis.  The bottom line: It’s up to us to make sure all his words about supporting the Second Amendment translate into substantive actions.

What will you do to make those expectations known?

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