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Two Navy Veterans Team Up with Texas VFW Post Hurricane Shelter

A VFW Post in Texas is currently operating as a hurricane shelter and was close to running out of food. Two veterans took up that challenge and a large supply of food will be delivered soon. They are also donating water filtration bottles and water filtration straws.

Oath Keeper Chance Gibson of American Survival Wholesale and Ross Powell of Survival 401K teamed up to provide the food for close to 13,000 meals. Chance Gibson’s company is providing the food at cost, and Ross Powell has collected donations to cover those costs. The food supplies will be delivered by Oath Keepers members who are headed to Texas to help wherever they can.

The Cajun Navy is actively rescuing people from their flooded neighborhoods. Oath Keepers are helping with that and whatever else needs to be done. We have more members on the way.

We can all do something to help. Many of those affected by Hurricane Harvey have absolutely nothing left except the clothes they were wearing when they were rescued. Donations of $5 or $10 or more add up. If you can donate to a relief organization, please do. If you’re on facebook, you can forward information about relief efforts to reach a wider audience.

One of many groups that are sending help is Samaritan’s Purse. “President Franklin Graham has approved the deployment of five U.S. disaster relief units to southeastern Texas. These tractor trailers, stocked with emergency relief equipment and supplies, will help our staff and volunteers meet some of the mammoth needs created by Hurricane Harvey.”

Our sincere thanks to everyone who is actively helping to rescue people from flooded areas, helping with the day-to-day needs of those who had to leave their homes, and to all of those who can’t do that, but can contribute to defray the enormous expenses of this disaster. Special thanks to the two companies providing food for the Texas VFW Post hurricane shelter.

Evacuees fill up cots at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, that has been turned into a shelter run by the American Red Cross to house victims of the high water from Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 28. ERICH SCHLEGEL/GETTY

Thank you!

American Survival Wholesale

Survival 401K

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