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Trump had a Nixon moment when he led an unscripted trolling of the mainstream news media.  We can’t call it a press conference, although that’s what it was supposed to be.  Many people such as Zero Hedge readers and others have been aware of the flaws and lies in the Mainstream Media (MSM) for years, but for the first time the highest office in the land is calling them out.  It’s a great moment for freedom, and for markets.  As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies – the world of finance isn’t what it seems, as explained by your 401k administrator.

Even Bloomberg can’t resist twisting the lens left, naming their coverage piece on the event “Candidate Trump Tries to Salvage Embattled President Trump”:

Blunt and unscripted, the president lambasted the media as dishonest and unfair, blamed Democrats for the “mess” he inherited and bragged about the scope of his electoral victory.

He was, by turns, menacing and jarringly playful, calling reporters by their first names — only to accuse them of not just spreading “fake news,” but a new, more sinister category of dishonesty, “very fake news.” He talked over a question about anti-Semitism and asked an African-American reporter to set up a meeting with black lawmakers.  Almost incidentally, he made some news, including at least one potentially pivotal statement: a declaration that he was not aware that any of his campaign advisers were in contact with Russian government officials. “Nobody that I know of,” he said. The 77-minute news conference, easily his longest and most unrehearsed encounter with the media since last summer, appeared to satisfy his itch to duke it out with a press corps he feels has treated him unfairly since his inauguration. His supporters no doubt ate it up, but if they watched closely they saw that Trump seemed to enjoy his banter with reporters, so much so that he could barely pry himself away from the cameras.  “I’m actually having a very good time, OK?,” Trump said. “Don’t forget, that’s the way I won. Remember, I used to give you a news conference every time I made a speech? Which was like every day.”

Trump isn’t trying to ‘salvage’ anything.  This is just another proof that the establishment has lost complete control over the system.  Also it shows how much time leftist losers have to waste time being upset about Trump and cry in crying rooms and protesting and destroying Bank of America ATMs and McDonalds franchises.  (For those of you who are Democrat because you’re afraid Republicans will take away Welfare programs – don’t worry, that will never happen.  There would be riots.  The Welfare issue isn’t a partisan issue, it’s an issue of haves vs. have-nots.  If Medicaid, Food Stamps, and other programs are taken away, there would be literarlly riots overnight.)

It seems the establishment went too far during the election with the “Fake News” meme, exposing themselves to how fake they really are.

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