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(ANTIMEDIA) — A Facebook post observing the rise of the authoritarian right in the United States — and the left’s misguided shock over it — went viral this week. In a multi-paragraph status update, Facebook user George Godwyn discussed liberals’ disapproval of a recent New York Times profile of a neo-Nazi. According to Godwyn — and the Times —  many who objected to the piece believed it normalized Nazism rather than expressing vehement disapproval.

And so Godwyn made his post speaking from his personal experience watching the growth of alt-right and pro-Trump groups over the last several years:


For going on two years now, I have been following several Donald Trump groups, alt right groups, and just general far…

Posted by George Godwyn on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Tuesday post, which is accompanied by a Nazi symbol, has been shared over 6,000 times as of Wednesday morning. Comments in response have ranged from support for Godwyn’s commentary to ad hominem attacks on his intelligence and accusations that leftist ideology and hatred for white people caused the radicalization.

Asked about the latter justification, Godwyn told Anti-Media:

Well, if a couple college kids rattling off dopey catchphrases can make you a f*cking Nazi, I’m thinking that says more about you than the left.

Discussing what contributed to the rise of ideology, which he says he started noticing five or six years ago, Godwyn said he thinks economics plays a role but that culture and race are still the biggest factors at play. He also noted that similar hate-based ideologies have snowballed in Europe in recent years.

Regardless, as Godwyn noted, the authoritarian right appears to be here to stay. And as he said at the end of his post regarding the emotionally-charged reactions to his use of the Nazi symbol:

It’s supposed to be triggering. We need some triggering right about now, don’t you think?

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