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Terrorism Against Independence in Barcelona | barcelona2 | False Flags Special Interests World News The alleged terrorist, a 17 year-old man, and apparently of Arab descent. The perfect patsy.

Imagine an action film where a terrorist hides in a Turkish restaurant after running over innocent people with his van. The terrorist escapes, in spite of a strong police operation that extends for many blocks.

It is a self-inflicted attack, but only minutes later, the media reports the attack as terrorism.

This is the plot of the attack in Barcelona. It is a false-flag type of attack conducted against the people and the government of Catalonia.

A true terrorist who wants to kill people and / or commit suicide does not carry his passport and conveniently leaves it at the scene of the crime.

This technique was used on 11/09/2001 in New York and in other recent terrorist attacks perpetrated by intelligence agencies and rogue agents in various governments.

Barcelona has no history of terrorism, it is not an oppressive state. Quite the contrary and unlike many European cities, Catalonia welcomes hundreds of thousands of immigrants and members of minority groups from all over the world, especially the Middle East and North Africa.

It is not difficult to understand that what happened yesterday was a false flag attack carried out by the Spanish government or at the behest of the Spanish State to tighten the nuts of its dictatorship on Catalonia, and to stop the sovereign movement that seeks independence.

Mariano Rajoy took the opportunity to call for unity between Catalonia and the rest of Spain, something he has been talking about every time he is questioned about Catalonian independence, a change that he opposes vehemently.

Someone must tell Mr. Rajoy that his government has to be more sophisticated to deceive people, that people are not in a twentieth century state of mind anymore.

What a coincidence that this attack happens shortly before the Catalan referendum of October 1st!

States that are losing power and control over The People always follow the same recipe. They always do the same, they lock the people in their houses and commercial establishments so that they do not see anything, they get the supposed terrorist cornered but mysteriously he escapes from them.

Any Hollywood film would raise millions only with this opening scene. Remember Enemy of the State?

Terrorism Against Independence in Barcelona | barcelona | False Flags Special Interests World News People holding a Catalan flag gather for a minute of silence in memory of the terrorist attacks victims in Las Ramblas, Barcelona. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

They perform an act of distraction, carry out operations to find and kill, never capture alive, the alleged terrorist and his accomplices, so they do not testify in court to reveal they were recruited by intelligence agencies to carry out the attacks, or that they were provided with the tools to do so.

In recent attacks, in North America, state terrorists recruited actors to appear dead or injured in the streets to make the alleged attack more dramatic and for the absent-minded believers to accept any state imposition. The actors appear in photographs in various terror attacks as “victims”.

It is PROBLEM, REACTION SOLUTION, the Hegelian dialect. A problem is created, to obtain an already calculated reaction and an alleged solution is given to the problem that was created synthetically.

And the alleged terrorists? They are “patsies”, mentally ill or young people who are deceived into participating in the war against “infidels” or “intolerant” westerners.

This theory, which many be called a conspiracy theory, will be proven right over the course of days, but do not expect the mass media to correct all the lies they have said so far and all the speculations and distractions that come from official sources.

Hopefully, the Catalan government and the Catalan people will not allow themselves to be intimidated by this act of violence against their right to vote on October 1st. Hopefully, Catalonia will continue its struggle to vote for what they believe is best for them.

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