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(INTELLIHUB) — Actor, comedian, and commentator Terrence K. Williams says that he is starting a new underground railroad for African-Americans who are scared of leaving the Democratic plantation.

“I’m starting a new underground railroad for all the black people that are scared to leave the Democratic plantation,” Williams said on Tuesday during a live Periscope broadcast. “I know that the Democrats can be very cruel, I know that they are manipulating you, I know that it is hard to leave their side because they will bash you, they will hurt you, and end your career.”

The famed comedian made clear in his transmission that the Democrats have not done anything for America or blacks.

“Our communities are like sh*tholes […] it doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “Trump is trying to help the black communities but he’s got a lot of work to do because the Democrats are trying to stop him from helping the black community.”

Williams added: “The Democrats were the ones who owned slaves, they were the ones that wanted to keep slavery alive. […] That is like someone cheating on you, and beating on you, and then bringing you flowers. Bringing you flowers is not going to change the fact that they did you wrong.”

The outspoken comedian also spoke about President Johnson’s “Ni*ger Bill” which he said was an all out fraud after Johnson stated that ‘Negros were getting pretty uppity since they have gotten something that they had never had before.’

“President Johnson, the one that signed the Civil Rights Act of 1974 said that ‘we have got to give them something, just enough to quiet them down a little bit but not enough to make a difference,’ and guess what he gave them […] food stamps [and] Section 8.”

Williams made clear hat Johnson gave blacks stuff so that they would not be worried about getting a job or creating a business which drove black America further into the ground.

“Let’s give them something that they can settle for, something that they do not have to work for to keep them down,” Williams explained. “We don’t want these Negros to rise above us — we don’t want these Negros to eat among us, we don’t want them to be able to afford.”

Williams went on: “Even though he signed the Civil Rights Act and he fought to end segregation, he said, well even though I say that these black people can eat with us at the restaurant, let’s create something so that they cannot afford to eat with us.”




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