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Trump selected Steve Mnuchin to be the next Treasury Secretary. Steve is a Goldman man. What else is new? Let’s have a look at the recent men who’ve filled this role in government and their affiliations.

Steve Mnuchin: Parter at Goldman Sachs, Yale, Dad worked for Goldman for three decades, brief gig at Soros hedge fund, Hollywood producer.
Jack Lew: COO of Citi prop trading unit that correctly bet on housing collapse in 2008, Harvard, Council on Foreign Relations.
Hank Paulson: Former CEO of Goldman Sachs, Dartmouth, worked at Pentagon and in Nixon administration.
John Snow: Former CEO of CSX, Chairman Cerberus Capital Management, served under several administrations and shilled on a sundry of boards.
Paul O’Neil: Former CEO of Alcoa, Member of Carnegie Mellon University’s dean’s advisory council.
Larry Summers: Former President of Harvard, managing partner at DE Shaw, Chief Economist at the World Bank.
Robert Rubin: 26 Years at Goldman Sachs, London School of Economics, Yale, Co-Chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, Chair of Citi
Lloyd Bentsen: University of Texas, WW2 Vet, promoted to Lt. Col and discharged in 1947, wanted to Nuke N. Korea, served on board of Lockheed Martin, helped convince republicans to pass NAFTA while serving under Clinton.

Nice group of guys.

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