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By B.N. Frank

Smart Rope is a another tech fitness device being promoted as being awesome even though some users say it’s way more trouble than it’s worth.

What’s disturbingly funny is how it’s been described by website, “How to Spend It, Financial Times”:

An app-linked skipping rope to make the heart leapTangram’s Smart Rope flashes your jump count in the air as if by magic.

Research has proven exposure to wireless radiation can make the heart leap but not in a good way.

A handsome piece of technological wizardry, the Tangram Smart Rope contains LED lights that flash the skip count in the air as the rope flicks past the user’s eyes.

LED lights produce dirty electricity and exposure to that isn’t good for your eyes, your lungs, or the rest of your body.

It can also be linked to an app that gives a full performance readout. One, two, three…

Blue light from smart phones is harmful, too.  And according to current outdated federal regulations, you’re not supposed to keep wireless radiation emitting devices close to your body anyway.  Exposure to all sources of wireless radiation may cause blood sugar fluctuations which are not desirable to anyone striving to be healthy, slim, and fit either.

All “Smart” devices – like Smart Rope – are regulated by The Federal Communications Commission which is not a health organization.

Even The Wireless Industry has never said that any of this stuff is safe.  Regulations, testing, and guidelines are 20+ years old and don’t apply to the way technology is designed and used today.

Even though digital, electronic, and wireless products are depicted and marketed like they operates via harmless magic, that’s unfortunately not the caseCompanies are actually warning shareholders that they may be eventually held liable for harm they are causing.  Insurance companies are not interested in covering harm caused by wireless exposure.

Of course, Smart Rope isn’t the only digital, electronic, or wireless fitness device being promoted as good for health.  Activist Post and others have already reported about this:

There’s an old saying, “Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.”  Maybe we should update it to “Give them enough tech…”

History has determined that being fit or healthy never required expensive tech or even legwarmers.

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