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By B.N. Frank

According to Scientific American, “Relentless Rise of Space Junk Threatens Satellites and Earth

Space is vast. Yet Earth orbits are becoming increasingly littered with debris (speckled graphic). A satellite could be demolished if struck by a 10-centimeter piece of junk, about the size of a softball. Even a one-centimeter tidbit could disable a spacecraft. And the more functioning, defunct or fragmented objects up there, the more that decay in the atmosphere (pink stripe). The collision problem has become so serious that in 2016 the European Space Agency (ESA), which tracks the objects, announced it might capture derelict satellites in low orbits, starting in 2023. Clutter is rising fast as more countries and companies launch electronics. In February 2017 India sent 101 shoebox-sized “cubesats” into a low orbit on a single rocket.

Most would agree then that blasting up to 20,000 additional satellites into space to aim 5G at Earth will undoubtedly making an already dangerous situation much worse.

In fact, anything emitting 5G wireless radiation on Earth and in space is unnecessary, harmful, and dumb.  Make it stop.

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