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By B.N. Frank

There has been much media coverage recently about concerns regarding exposure to 5G small cell towers, other sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation, and Electrical Pollution (aka Electrosmog).  The Telecom Industry is being referred to as “Big Wireless” and being compared to “Big Tobacco.”  Holy Smokes!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates this technology, however, FCC Chair Ajit Pai testified in the video below that the agency had nothing to do with determining health risks from cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation.  He said they consulted with “others” including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about health risks.

Alrighty then.  The FDA sponsored a $25 million study on the health impacts from cell phone radiation and determined that the study found clear evidence of cancer.”

Many “others” have also proven that exposure can cause health issues besides cancer.

On a side note, no “safe” level of wireless radiation has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.  Somebody needs to tell Sesame Street, because one of Elmo’s friends is “Smarty” the “Smart” Phone and 45% of American teens seem to have “Digital Addiction.” Many grown-ups seem to be suffering from it, too.

Despite all of this, the FDA’s website states, “The weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems.”

Hold the phone!  The FDA said there is clear evidence of cancer from exposure to cell phone radiation.  So have others!

How could The FDA forget about this already?  Is it because exposure to cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation disrupted their blood-brain barriers and caused them to leak?

The FDA also says GMO salmon (aka “Frankenfish”) is safe even though:

  1. No independent studies have proven that GMOs are safe for human consumption.
  2. Animal studies have shown that GMOs can cause birth defects, high infant mortality rates, fertility problems, sterility, immune system deregulation, accelerated aging, AND MORE!


Research on 5G wireless exposure has also proven there are health risks – including profuse sweating.

The FCC seems to be taking advantage of the FDA’s compromised collective mental capacity to force municipal governments to accept the installation of harmful 5G small cell towers in residential yards and everywhere else.

What the hell happened to The Precautionary Principle?

Does President Trump know about this?  Where are “The Swamp Drainers?”

Why aren’t more elected officials speaking out and trying to protect us?   Many Americans don’t want small cell towers in their yards and neighborhoods.

And why are tech moguls continuing to design, manufacture, and market more products and infrastructure while planning for “Doomsday?”

Heaven help us all.

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