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While officials cited “scheduling conflicts” that dashed hopes of a bilateral meeting between President Trump and President Putin on the sidelines of the APEC summit, the two ‘old friends’ came face-to-face during the photo-op at the start of the conference… and the handshake took place…

The two were all smiles while shaking hands during the photo call

Preparing for the traditional leaders’ photo at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit – held this year in Da Nang, Vietnam – Putin had already taken his spot when Trump approached him, extending his hand. In the manner which has become famous, the US president then held onto Putin’s hand for several seconds, patting his counterpart on the back.

The leaders were dressed in Vietnamese national attire, in accordance with the informal APEC tradition. Both Putin and Trump put on blue shirts, while some of the other participants chose to wear white ones.

Notably the positioning of the leaders this year…right next to the Vietnamese leader and Putin…

Quite different from that of three years ago when President Obama appeared to be demoted to the old wives club…

One response to Putin, Trump Meet In Vietnam: This Handshake Followed

  1. Abraham Yeshuratnam November 10th, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    What’s the harm in Trump- Putin meeting? International diplomacy requires such a meeting. Did not FDR and Stalin cuddle at Yalta? Even before Tehran, FDR had sent a signal to Stalin that the United States would eventually accept the Curzon line as the frontier between the USSR and postwar Poland. Churchill apparently was not informed by FDR about this conversation. Did not Reagan and Gorbachev’s .relationship warm cold war tensions?

    Russian collusion was invented by Obama and CIA chief Brennan, a close confidante of Obama and a Muslim convert.. The Obama-era intelligence chiefs conducted a political smear job of the highest order to delegitimize Trump’s election. Russian hacking is a hoax.


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