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You don’t see the pattern? Bush, Clinton, Obama, Reagan – Dem v. Republican?

They all work for the same puppet master, the money(ed) people who create and profit from all the wars and who have endebted/enslaved every taxpayer worldwide.

Starve the beast, don’t work, don’t play/pay. Grow/catch/hunt your food, but pay for your hunting/fishing license if ‘enforcers’ are nearby. Gotta pay to hunt in the Kings forests, (when his enforcers are watching).

We’ve come so far to get nowhere, maybe only 50-100 years of real freedom (1800-1900) in the last 4-5,000 years. To come this far and still be owned and enslaved. And yet we rail “Freedom”, “USA, USA, USA”

Don’t get me wrong, we are the best in the worst comparison, but we’re still delusional when thinking we are free and not enslaved, while paying for an Empire with military bases in 75 countries with ‘fiat’ dollars emitted from a printing press or ‘Fed-based-bitcoin”

Reality will at last occur and affect the least observant at the musical chairs party.

Been a long time since I’ve seen talk about stacking. Au was around $1,285 today, Ag around $18.50

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