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The majority of Americans don’t think Trump should be impeached.

The Hill reports:

A majority of American voters say there is no evidence of collusion between members of President Trump’s campaign and Russia and most are doubtful that investigations into the matter will lead to impeachment.

Those are the results of the new Harvard-Harris survey, provided exclusively to The Hill, which found that 54 percent of voters said they have not seen evidence to suggest that Trump campaign officials conspired with Moscow to influence the 2016 election.

Respondents were largely split along partisan lines, with 80 percent of Republicans saying there is no evidence of collusion and 74 percent of Democrats saying there is. Only 38 percent of independents said there is evidence of collusion.

When voters were asked, irrespective of the evidence, whether they believe that Trump campaign officials had coordinated with Moscow, 52 percent said no and 48 percent said yes. A majority of independents, 54 percent, didn’t think there was any collusion.


Fifty-nine percent of those surveyed said they expect the [special prosecutor’s] investigation, now led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, will lead to the end of the Russia inquiry, while 41 percent said it would lead to Trump’s impeachment.

But Americans don’t buy Trump’s claim that he’s “draining the swamp.”

Politico writes:

Less than a quarter of Americans surveyed in a new Monmouth University poll released Wednesday said President Donald Trump is making progress on his promise to “drain the swamp” of Washington corruption.

Thirty-two percent of those polled said Trump is actually making the “swamp” worse, while just 24 percent said he is draining it. Thirty-five percent of respondents said the president has done nothing to change Washington’s culture.

Indeed, the real problem with Trump isn’t that he’s a Ruskie-lover … it’s that he’s just as much of a sell out as our other recent presidents.

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