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Pentagon Suggests Russian Involvement in Chemical Weapons Attack | Pentagon-Suggests-Russian-Involvement-in-Chemical-Weapons-Attack | Pentagon Special Interests War Propaganda World News

America and its rogue allies consistently blame others for their high crimes. Media scoundrels support the deception, acting as willing co-conspirators.

On April 7, AP News tweeted: “BREAKING: Senior US military officials say Pentagon looking into whether Russia participated in Syrian chemical weapons attack.”

A same-day article reported the same thing, saying “a revelation (of Russian involvement) could have dramatic implications for relations between Washington and Moscow.” Trump’s aggression seriously damaged them, AP didn’t explain.

On Saturday, CNN covered the same spurious ground, saying:

“An (unnamed) US military official said the Pentagon was examining specifically whether a Russian warplane had bombed a hospital in Khan Sheikhoun five hours after the initial chemical attack, with the aim of destroying evidence.”

“A(n) (unnamed) US defense official says intelligence shows a Russian drone flew over the hospital in Idlib that was treating victims of the chemical attack, prior to the site being later bombed by an unknown aircraft.”

“The Russians operate drones in the area routinely so the Pentagon cannot be certain the drone operator even knew what was happening, but the drone was a Russian asset.”

Fact: No evidence suggests Syrian involvement in any CW attack throughout over six years of war.

Fact: No evidence proves Russian or Syrian warplanes bombed hospitals or other nonmilitary targets.

Fact: Claims otherwise are state-sponsored propaganda. Media scoundrels reports it like gospel, with no due diligence checking, complicit with US aggression in all its theaters.

Suggesting possible Russian involvement in the April 4 Kahn Sheikhoun incident is a diversionary tactic, shifting attention from holding America, its rogue allies and terrorist foot soldiers accountable for their high crimes.

They continue daily. Media scoundrels ignore them. On Saturday, US-led coalition warplanes terror-bombed a village west of Raqqa, killing around 20 civilians, injuring dozens more.

An unconfirmed report, citing area witnesses, said Syrian forces targeted a US reconnaissance aircraft, overflying the Al-Qamishli countryside in northeastern Syria, forcing it to flee the area.

Syria’s military later confirmed the incident, the first potential clash between forces of both countries.

During an emergency Security Council meeting, US UN envoy Nikki Haley warned of more possible military action against Syria to come, adding:

“The Russian government also bears considerable responsibility. Supporting Assad strengthens him, falsely blaming him for high crimes committed by Washington, its imperial allies and terrorist foot soldiers.

Neocons control Trump’s geopolitical agenda, Tillerson more a front man than strategist.

He’s out of his element, not up to challenging Defense Secretary Mattis and National Security Advisor McMaster – hawkish generals favoring war, deploring peace, risking confrontation with Russia.

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