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Following Chuck Schumer’s denigration of ‘Trumpcare’ overnight, Nancy Pelosi has come out swinging this morning to press the same narrative to the American people: It “couldn’t be worse” she exclaimed on ABC’s ‘This Morning’

Here is what Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer had to say about the Republican’s plan for “TrumpCare” last night…

Trumpcare doesn’t replace the Affordable Care Act, it forces millions of Americans to pay more for less care. This plan would cut and cap Medicaid, defund Planned Parenthood, and force Americans, particularly older Americans, to pay more out of pocket for their medical care all so insurance companies can pad their bottom line.

It cuts taxes on the rich to make middle class families pay more. To make matters worse, this sham of a replacement would rip treatment away from hundreds of thousands of Americans dealing with opioid addiction, breaking the President’s word that he would expand treatment, not cut it.

This bill is a giveaway to the wealthy and insurance companies at the expense of American families, and Senate Democrats will work hard to see that it is defeated.

And now, Nancy Pelosi is trotted out to the mainstream to explain how Obamacare was awesome and Trumpcare “couldn’t be worse.”

“This will make millions of people — it’s a question of 10, 15, 20 million people — off of having health insurance,” she said during an interview on CBS’s “This Morning.”

“It will be the biggest transfer of wealth from low and middle income people to wealthy people in our country.”

“Show us the numbers as to how many people will be thrown off. It couldn’t be worse.”

As The Hill notes, the legislation would scrap the healthcare law’s individual mandate and repeal most of its taxes and regulations. People would be given a tax credit, based on their age, to help them afford insurance. The GOP’s plan would also phase out ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion, which now covers more than 10 million people. Pelosi argued that the measure would disproportionately harm all but the wealthiest Americans. The newly unveiled measure makes good on a long-time promise from GOP lawmakers to repeal and replace former President Obama’s signature healthcare reform law. Committees in the House are scheduled to mark up the legislation on Wednesday.

Judging by Schumer and Pelosi, millions will die and the ‘rich’ will be laughing as they do. We suspect that will not happen, but when all you have left is lies, scaremongery appears to be the new Democrat platform – “We’re not Trump.”

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