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It’s a triple-whammyAmericans are overworked, Americans are underpaid, and, now, potentially as a result of these, Statista’s Isabel von Kessler writs that Americans are overweightover 2 in 5 American workers have put on pounds at their present job.

A survey by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder, asked workers what they thought contributed most to weight gain at their current workplace.

At least 51 percent thought sitting at a desk most of the day was the main reason.

Infographic: Why American Workers Gain Weight | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

While sports could counterbalance the desk jobs, 45 percent stated they were too tired to exercise after returning home. 38 percent blamed stress-related eating for increasing pounds.

Accordingly, 25 percent of all workers say they’ve gained more than 10 pounds at their present job, while 1 in 10 gained more than 20 pounds.

Houston is the city with the highest share of weight gaining workers (57 percent), Washington D.C. follows suit (50 percent) and Dallas comes third (47 percent).

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