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NBC is seeking to massively raise the rates advertisers pay for the network’s 9 a.m. slot that will soon be occupied by former “Kelly File” host Megyn Kelly, Variety reports.

Kelly, who positioned herself as a leader of the anti-Trump during the campaign, is expected to garner even more viewers at her NBC post as the network doubles down on its Trump-bashing coverage.

Variety reports that the push appears to be a part of a years-long effort by NBCUniversal executive Linda Yaccarino to convince advertisers to pay prime-time rates for programs airing in other, less desirable, time slots.

“NBCU appears to be continuing a years-long effort to get advertisers to assign higher value to TV time that has typically been seen as deserving lower cost. Last year, NBCU sought to get primetime ad prices for its late-night mainstay “Saturday Night Live” after announcing it would trim the show’s ad load by approximately 30%. In 2013, NBCU made a bid for significant CPM increases for its airing of “Modern Family” repeats on USA.”

As Variety notes, the maneuver isn’t without risk for the network.

“What if advertisers don’t see the value that NBC does in the non-prime inventory? NBCU met with resistance, for example, when it tried to convince ad buyers that “Modern Family” reruns merited broader-than-normal rates. And there is a danger that NBC could get higher deals, only to find viewership for a show is not what it guaranteed its clients. Rivals could also woo potential sponsors by offering narrower rate changes. Last year’s effort behind “SNL” would seem to have paid off: The show had its best ratings in more than two decades.”

The network, which is owned by Comcast Corp., is betting big on Kelly, pitting her against Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, who host ABC’s “Live…”.

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