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What’s there to be “unclear” about? This is the guy determining the fitness of others to govern? And politicians and the media are OK with that?

With the “official” media, Democrats and establishment Republicans forming a protective circle around U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, both he and his backers appear to have conveniently forgotten a past controversy that goes to the heart of government accepting Constitutional restraints on its power: How can anyone who took the oath be uncertain on whether or not the Constitution supports targeting American citizens for premeditated assassination on U.S. soil? Especially if that person is in a position of great power, and supposedly the top federal cop?

Searching for information on a different story, I came across this “blast from the past” on my The War on Guns blog. It appears to have sparked some initial and contained outrage on Fox News, but then was allowed to disappear and be forgotten by those who wanted that outcome (you can still search for it,but that assumes you know about it in the first place).

“Does that only apply to a U.S. citizen that’s overseas, or does that apply to a U.S. citizen that’s here?” Rep. Kevin Yoder asked then FBI Director Mueller about an order from Attorney General Eric holder authorizing the assassination of Americans fighting on the side of “terrorists.”

“I’d have to go back, I’m not certain whether that was addressed or not,” Mueller replied.

Watch for yourself:

Think about that and what it means about any orders he – or those working for him whose careers depend on carrying them out – would not obey. It makes it fair to ask if the so-called “Deep State” succeeds in its coup against the duly elected president and if patriots refuse to accept that, does Mueller think assassinating them would be Constitutional? And do his supporters think his hedging was in any way excusable?

Funny how none of the media or the “bipartisan pushers” praising the guy think any concerns over this are worth remembering, let alone mentioning. Maybe it’s time to start badgering for public statements from his backers, starting with career poltroons Thom Tillis and Lindsey Graham.

And as long as we’re taking a stroll down Memory Lane, Mike Vanderboegh had some Fast and Furious questions that have never been satisfactorily resolved, either. Like what was the FBI under Mueller’s role in “covering up the true circumstances of the murder of Brian Terry”?

Tangentially related, today marks one year since Mike was taken from us. Here’s what I wrote about his passing.


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