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Michael Moore, the liberal activist who perfectly predicted Trump’s shocking victory last November and has led the “Resistance” ever since, would like for you to know that he’s really upset that Jon Ossoff got destroyed last night despite the efforts of some San Francisco Democrats to spend an obscene amount of money to buy a Congressional seat in Georgia. 

“If u think the party who’s won the vote in 6 o last 7 Prez votes but holds ZERO power & is now 0-4 in 2017 votes is going to win next year…get a friggin’ clue.”

“The DNC & DCCC has NO idea how 2 win cause they have no message, no plan, no leaders, won’t fight & hate the resistance.”

“I say this to my 7.5 million ppl on social media & the millions who watch my movies & read my books: Are we going 2 sit by & let this happen?””

Earlier this month we noted that Moore launched “Trumpileaks,” a site where disgruntled Hillary snowflakes still occupying positions of power in Washington D.C. could anonymously submit damaging Trump-related leaks, as part of his “Resistance” effort.  Apparently that effort has not been effective thus far.

Of course, maybe Moore would make a good DNC chair…in addition to the endless entertainment such an appointment would provide, he was pretty much the only person on the left who had any clue that Hillary was about to be handed a devastating loss.

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