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By B.N. Frank

Unfortunately, decades of research has already proven that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation is NOT HARMLESS to humans, animals, or nature.  Exposure isn’t only about increased cancer risk either and insurance companies seem to be well aware of this.

Many U.S. media outlets – including broadcast stations – have reported about research proving harm as well as concerns about this from citizens, doctors, elected officials, environmentalists, scientists, etc. has a page dedicated to broadcast news stories which is updated regularly.

Since June, 2014, television stations in the U.S have aired more than 200 news stories about health risks from wireless radiation exposure. Almost half of the stories focus on radiation risks from use of a cell phone, including risks to children. About 30% of stories discussed cell tower radiation risks. More than a dozen stories focus on cell towers or Wi-Fi in schools. Other technologies of concern include wireless smart meters and Wi-Fi-emitting devices.


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