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Lady Gaga made waves on social media Monday night when she took the stage at Hillary Clinton’s final rally, sporting an outfit eerily resembling a Nazi uniform. In a black military jacket complete with red armband, the pop star gestured emphatically while delivering the despotic speech, often pounding the podium and pointing at the crowd, ironically mimicking the powerful speaking style made famous by Adolf Hitler himself. At one point, Gaga declared “Hillary Clinton is made of steel. Hillary Clinton is unstoppable.”

In response to the social media backlash, sites like Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and ET were among many to rush to her defense, pointing out that the very-Nazi-looking ensemble once belonged to Michael Jackson, who wore the jacket when he visited the White House in 1990.  It’s unclear why the fact that it was previously owned by someone else makes it less…Nazi, especially given the fact that Jackson has been rumored to have been obsessed with the Nazi dictator.

But that’s not the only thing Lady Gaga’s media white knights conveniently overlooked.

Despite the many Hitler references, what many people — among both the media and the general public — failed to associate with Gaga’s outfit during the final Clinton rally was hiding in plain sight.

The black jacket fitted with a red armband and silver medallion is part of the same outfit worn by Jackson at the White House in 1990. At the time, the King of Pop was meeting with then-president George H.W. Bush — just three years before he was first accused of sexually abusing children.

By mid-1993, dentist Evan Chandler had accused Jackson of having an inappropriate relationship with his 13-year-old son Jordan. After the attention he got from the media due to his son’s proximity to Jackson, Chandler later talked to his attorney, bringing the accusation directly to Jackson. By August, the allegations were being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Sexually Exploited Child Unit. In the winter of 1993, Jackson’s sister, La Toya Jackson, claimed she had proof her brother was a pedophile. He later forgave her after she claimed those accusations stemmed from her financial troubles.

After the investigation was carried out in full, the LAPD cleared Jackson of unfounded molestation charges from the Chandlers. A civil lawsuit was later filed in September, and on January 25, 1994, the lawsuit was settled out of court. Jackson was ordered to pay $15,331,250, which was mostly held in a trust fund for Jordan.

In 2003, Jackson was charged with several counts of child sexual abuse and several counts of administering an intoxicating agent in order to commit a child sexual abuse felony. The trial, which began in January 2005, ended in June of the same year. The jury found Jackson not guilty.

By wearing his jacket to Clinton’s rally, it’s possible Lady Gaga may have wanted to make a statement. After all, Clinton’s husband, the former President Bill Clinton, is often accused of sexual misconduct.

Three women publicly accused the 42nd President of the United States of sexual misconduct, including rape and sexual harassment. Clinton later admitted extramarital relationships with Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers. But in 2015, a young woman alleged in a sworn affidavit that American financier Jeffrey Epstein had used her as a sex slave. At the time, she claimed she had been at parties on Epstein’s private island, along with former president Clinton.

In one of the court documents from the lawsuit, Epstein was accused of running a “sexual abuse ring,” lending underage girls to “prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders.” Despite the heavy accusations, on April 7, 2015, allegations brought up by the young girl were tossed out after Judge Kenneth Marra ruled they had no bearing and should be removed from the record.

When considering Gaga’s decision to wear Jackson’s jacket to Mrs. Clinton’s rally, one might ask whether Gaga was aware of the strange similarities between the accusations made against Jackson and Clinton. Did those issues cross her mind or was it all just a strange coincidence? Or was Lady Gaga simply (and likely unintentionally correctly) attempting to channel a strong, authoritative image?

Regardless of what the answer is, the fact the media is refusing to discuss these details while simply spinning Hitler references shows few are willing to do thorough research when reporting the news.

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