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“Republican” Kasich proves once a betrayer, always a betrayer.

“If all the sudden you couldn’t buy an AR-15, what would you lose?” Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich asked on CNN, talking about new citizen disarmament edicts he’d favor in the wake of the Stoneman atrocities. “Would you feel your Second Amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn’t buy a God-darned AR-15?”

Feelings would have nothing to do with it, even though his came through loud and clear. The unconstitutional infringement to “the birthright of an American” would be demonstrable, not that those intent on seeing their countrymen disarmed ever let evidence get in the way of stirring up a mob mentality.

BFFs John and Bill…

In Kasich’s case, it was no surprise.  As a congressman, he was one of 46 Republican members who helped pass the 1994 semi-auto ban by a narrow 216-214 vote margin, putting him on a first-name basis with Bill Clinton.  Then, when running for governor and needing the votes, he “convinced” (a more than willing) NRA to change his “F” to an “A,” paying them back with “good” gun actions as long as he felt pandering to Ohio gun owners was in his political interests.

Having almost screwed all gun owners over big time by attacking candidate Donald Trump during his post-primaries presidential campaign and thus working to Hillary Clinton’s political advantage, Kasich has irredeemably sided with “the swamp,” and evidently figures he has nothing to lose by reverting to form. And he never “got it” anyway. The stated purpose behind his public ambivalence to a proposed “Obama gun ban” was because “it wasn’t effective,” not because it was an affront to freedom and a gross betrayal of his oath of office.

When it comes to doing the Democrat’s work for them, Kasich is hardly alone, and we’ll see more defections the hotter things get politically and the faint of heart feeling it opt for appeasement.

So we see Florida Rep. Francis Rooney now saying “some freedoms are going to have to be given up” and speculating that some of those surrendered freedoms probably entail more gun bans.  When asked if there’s a reason “a private citizen needs to own an AR-15 assault rifle.” Rooney responded:

“To be honest with you, I’m not sure. I think people should be able to use them in gun ranges if they want to go rip off a lot of caps, if you will, at a gun range. But, do they need to own them and take them out of the facility? I’m not sure.”

And there are others coming out of the woodwork, some being more cautions with their virtue signaling. Mitt Romney is being careful at present not to repeat his past support for banning semi-autos, so aside from saying he’d “probably be OK with a prior restraint background check “enhancement” by Orrin Hatch (that he hasn’t read yet), he’s recommending things advance at the state level – pretty much the “3,000 Tyrants” strategy the gun-grabbers are using as long as federal incursions are being blocked.

Which may not be for that much longer. Donald Trump is supporting background check “improvements” and just instructed AG Sessions to find a way to make “bump stocks” illegal. And while it’s easy to put all the blame for betrayal on him, don’t forget who gave him the green light to ignore “shall not be infringed” on both counts. NRA and NRA.

Add to that a billionaire Republican donor making it clear that unless candidates betray their oaths and their constituents, he’ll risk letting their seats fall to Democrats.

What do grassroots activist gun owners do about being increasingly abandoned by those they have supported and empowered? First of all, realize that it’s probably going to get worse.

And imagine, with the frenzy the country is in now, what the political mood (and the spines of Republican politicians) will be like the next time there’s another “gun free zone” massacre — especially if it’s an even bigger one. No doubt there are some not averse to that.

We must keep presenting truths to counter a media that has a voice dwarfing ours, finding those receptive to it, and recruiting them to join with us. And ultimately we must remember that – all the noise aside in order to be disarmed we must make the choice to surrender.


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