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A woman in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing has been offered a second refund after faulty facial recognition software on two iPhone X handsets allowed her colleague to unlock them.

As The South China Morning Post reports, the woman, identified only by her surname Yan, told the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation that despite activating and configuring each phone’s facial recognition software, her work colleague was able to get into both devices on every attempt.

Yan said the first time it happened, she called the Apple hotline, but the staff would not believe her.

Shen then went with her colleague to the nearest Apple store, where her colleague used facial recognition on the phone to demonstrate the issue to staff, according to the report.

The store said the camera might be faulty and gave Yan a refund. But the new iPhone X that she bought also had the same problem, prompting the shop to offer another refund, the report said.

No details were given about whether the woman decided to purchase a third iPhone X.

Apple did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

So the question is… does the iPhone X (or its operating system) think all young Chinese women look the same? … and therefore, is it racist?

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