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(INTELLIHUB) — The queen of fake news and recent loser of the presidential election Hillary R. Clinton came out against what she says is a ‘fake news epidemic’ Thursday, demanding that Congress take action.

Clinton cited the recent Comet Ping Pong incident in which an armed actor entered the pizzeria on Dec. 4 with a rifle to “self-investigate” mounting evidence of a child sex-trafficking ring conspiracy known as Pizzagate, which has been trending on social media world wide for weeks now.

The so-called conspiracy theory, which has still not been disproved by any credible law enforcement source to date, alleges that John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign adviser, and Clinton herself may be involved in child slave trading after emails released by Wikileaks show what researchers say is ‘pedofile based code language’ identified by the FBI in bulletins.

In fact, the theory may have more credence then ever after a former mainstream journalist found a 2011 tweet from the late Andrew Breitbart claiming that John Podesta is covering up a massive “sex slave” operation.

Thursday, Hillary Clinton, dressed in her George Soros “Purple Revolution” clothes, addressed Congress, talking about how “fake news can have real world consequences” and may be putting ‘ordinary peoples lives at risk.’

The Queen of fake news

Lt. Gen Mike Flynn’s son, Jack Posobiac, who is also the Special Projects Director for the group Citizens For Trump, did an epic broadcast on Periscope Friday morning calling out Hillary Clinton on her ‘fake news’ scandal.

“Let’s talk about fake news,” Posobiac said.

“Let’s talk about the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction. Let’s talk about a YouTube video being blamed for Benghazi. A YouTube video which was told to the parents of the victims of Benghazi, the heros of Benghazi, by Hillary Clinton to their faces while their sons dead bodies were in the hanger there at Andrews Air Force Base. She said we are going to get those people who made that YouTube video. That was fake news. That was a lie.”

“What else is fake news,” Posobiac questioned to his live viewers.

“Saying that she landed and came off the plane under sniper fire. Saying that Vadimir Putin and the alt-right are being controlled by the KGB. Saying that she lost because Russia hacked our election, despite having no evidence to that fact.”

Posobiac went on to say the narrative is that anyone that “releases anti-Hillary stuff” is considered to be “paid” by the Russians.

Posobiac said that Hillary’s reckless statements are likely provoking the Russians, who “are a major world power” with nuclear capabilities.

“When Hillary Clinton compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler, is that diplomacy?”

“You want to say that he’s [Putin] hacking elections based on nothing. That’s fake news. That’s the fake news that you, Hillary Clinton, perpetuated.”

“Guys she’s talking about fake news, but her campaign was behind Correct The Record, an organization that was literaly paid to make fake news and push it everyday on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.”

“She paid for fake news to be planted across social media and now she has the gull, the absolute gull and disdain for the American people to tell us that fake news is the reason she lost when she is the creator of fake news. Hillary Clinton is the creator of ISIS and Hillary Clinton is the creator of fake news — period.”

“To say that Hillary Clinton is against fake news, is in of itself fake news.”

During his rant, Posobiac also pointed out how Hillary Clinton “was given the questions in advance by CNN,” which is cheating. All the while CNN claimed it was a fair debate, which again is fake news.”

This is just a trap to get rid of the alternative media […] the independent media,” Posobiac said.

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