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Goldman Sachs’ Sumana Manoghar, Hugo Scott-Gall, and Navreen Sandhu wax lyrical in their introduction to the 100 most interesting charts of 2017…

In this very special edition, straight from our hearts, We pro?le 100 of our best and most compelling charts. They tell the story of a changing world; and below it starts. But for now we’ll quickly run you through the major parts.


We begin with rising capex: Who is spending to defend? Is disruption overrated? Who else can Amazon upend? The potential in India? Can China’s overcapacity mend? Are people eating healthier? How do millennials spend?


We explore each of these themes and tell you how they link. We have some fun charts in here too. And surprises. Wink wink. We hope they join the thematic dots as you see them in sync, But most of all we hope that these charts make you think.


There are quotes, stats, and a crossword also in here, Plus a thematic poster to spread the holiday cheer. Let us know what you think and if anything is unclear, We’ll be back soon with more. Until then, Happy New Year.

The over-arching theme appears to be that of disruption… and survival.

The Empire Strikes Back: 2017 has been a year of incumbents defending against disruption

The Force Awakens: Seeking a revival in global capex

Disruptive new entrants…

…often trigger a response from incumbents

Innovation to disruption: Tracking tech cost curves

The Last Jedi: Japan remains a unique opportunity

Attack of the Clones: Automation and the future of jobs

Who is disrupted by automation? Labour

Can the pricing power of brands be restored?

The Phantom Menace: Obesity and deconstructing the notion of healthier eating

A New Hope: The deregulatory wave

Where does China stand out?

On a parting note, some charts that surprised us


Source: Goldman Sachs



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