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Fired FBI Director James Comey names former Direcor of National Intelligence James Clapper “Honorary Special Agent.” Will we see a new direction of Fidelity to the Constittuion under the next director, or can we expect more of the same? (FBI Facebook photo)

“Top Justice Department officials were scheduled to interview four candidates Saturday to serve as FBI director on a permanent basis,” POLITICO Friday reported Friday. “The four potential nominees to be interviewed are: acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), former Justice Department Criminal Division Chief Alice Fisher and New York state judge and former U.S. Attorney in Manhattan Michael Garcia…

“The FBI special agent in charge in Richmond, Adam Lee, also arrived for an interview Saturday afternoon and officials said it was possible more candidates would also be summoned,” the report continued. “Henry E. Hudson, U.S. District Court Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia, Fran Townsend, former Homeland Security Adviser to former President George W. Bush, and Mike Rogers, the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, were also interviewed.”

Assuming the fix isn’t already in for a political appointment and that the interviews aren’t being scheduled for due diligence theater, they should be looked at not only for law enforcement experience, but also for past conduct, political support and sympathies, and most importantly, for how their actions and philosophy have advanced the whole purpose behind having a national government in the first place, as set down in the Preamble to the Constitution:

“…to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…”

That, of course, is done by constraining authority to that which is delegated through enumerated powers, something seemingly lost on those in power, and of little concern to enough of our countrymen to allow usurpation and abuse to be the rule instead of the exception.

So what can we demonstrate or infer from Saturday’s round of picks, with an eye toward who has shown true faith and allegiance, particularly toward the right to secure all others, the Second Amendment?

Acting Director McCabe’s inclusion appears to be for the sake of form. His “F*** Trump” advocacy would seem to be career-limiting for him to stay on at the Bureau after the top slot is filled, particularly since the president is known to insist on loyalty. So should citizens, and in this case, McCabe’s ties to gun-grabbers Terry McCauliffe, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party should disqualify him from serious consideration.

Sen. Cornyn gets a “B” from Gun Owners of America and an “A+” and endorsement from the National Rifle Association. Unfortunately, he fails the Numbers USA grade on the tangentially-related “immigration/pathway to citizenship” issues. Noting that all credible polls and all actual experience shows that demographic votes overwhelmingly Democrat and anti-gun, such destructive practices mean “progressive” control of legislatures and courts. Look how quickly California morphed from being a state that once elected Ronald Reagan.

Washington corporate defense lawyer Fisher appears to be the consummate Beltway insider, meaning her experience and her background show no real connections with or understanding of “flyover” concerns. In terms of Constitutional reverence, there does not appear to be a lot to go on, leaving inferences and educated guesses as to her outlook and convictions. Of note in that case is a reference in The National Law Journal that “Michael Chertoff … was her mentor,” and to then look at some of the lessons he must have imparted.

Former U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia was a G.W. Bush appointee, and a Republican. His subsequent appointment to the New York Court of Appeals by Empire State Gungrabber in Chief Andrew Cuomo ought to raise flags for all.

If any of their names advance beyond the initial Politico report, I’ll do some digging on second-tier candidates Lee, Townsend, Hudson and Rogers. For now, a more prominent name has also arisen, former New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly, a career citizen disarmament proponent and oath-breaker who would ban handguns and so-called (in order to demonize them) “assault weapons” if he had the power.

“Fidelity” to what, exactly? The oath?

Per the FBI’s motto, its initials stand for “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.”

That fidelity must first and foremost be to the Constitution.  While it’s doubtful the political establishment would put anyone liberty-minded enough to endorse Oath Keepers in charge of federal law enforcement, there is one question I’d nonetheless like to see asked of whoever ultimately appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee for confirmation:

What orders would you not obey or issue, and why?


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