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By B.N. Frank

Members of the Kennedy family have a long history of addressing cultural, environmental, political, and social issues before they become mainstream and popular.  That’s why it seems important highlighting that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of many signers of a petition asking for federal warnings about exposure to WiFi radiation – especially to children.  Research has already proven that all sources of WiFi are harmful to people, animals, and nature.

Just because WiFi seems to be everywhere doesn’t mean that it’s safe.  Asbestos, cigarette smoke, and lead paint used to be everywhere too. 

WiFi can be helpful in emergency situations when safer technology isn’t available.  Processed food can also helpful in emergency situations when healthy food isn’t available.  Otherwise, research has proved time and again that eating processed food all the time isn’t healthy.  The documentary, Supersize Me was a horrifying depiction of this.

There have already been many documentaries produced about unhealthy use and exposure to technology.  Generation Zapped seems to cover the gamut regarding sources of WiFi exposure.  Please consider hosting a screening of it in your community. You may not be concerned about your own exposure; however, children are powerless to reduce theirs and research has already proven that this isn’t what’s best for them.

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