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By B.N. Frank

Wireless devices and infrastructure are everywhere and many don’t consider the multitude of sources that we are all voluntarily as well as involuntarily being exposed to simultaneously 24/7.  Decades of research has already determined that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless radiation are harmful and that this affects everyone differently – including our pets.

Sources of wireless radiation include:

Clear Light Ventures has provided a quick reference Wireless Safety Card on their website that may be printed and shared.  It makes it easy to learn various ways to reduce or eliminate exposure:

On the card, the choices that are completely safe and which will fully eliminate exposure are highlighted by a green dot. The solutions that help to reduce exposure are highlighted by a yellow dot. For all of these sources of exposure, moving the device farther away or moving yourself farther from the device will rapidly reduce exposure. Every time you double the distance, exposure is reduced by 75%. Additional details on the most commonly reported symptoms and references are also included (topics covered on the back of the Wireless Safety Card).

Activist Post has covered health issues associated with many of these sources already – including exposure from utility “Smart” Meters.  Tens of millions of “Smart” Meters have been installed worldwide but many people still don’t know if they actually have them installed on their homes and throughout their communities.  Here’s an article specifically about that:

If No One Comes to Read Your Utility Meters, You Probably Have Problematic “Smart” Meters. Documentary about “Smart” Meters, “Take Back Your Power 2017,” Now Available for Free Viewing

Other articles on “Smart” Meters may be accessed through our archives.

Activist Post has also covered health issues associated with exposure to cell towers.  Most recently we have focused on the massive widespread installation of 4G and 5G small cell towers and related infrastructure everywhere – including in front of homes above ground and below – due to the insane and insidious campaigns for the “Race for 5G”and  “Smart Cities.”

The “Race for 5G” is in full force throughout the U.S. because of the federal insistance that we have to “beat China” and win this ridiculous and dangerous endeavor.  If 5G and/or “Smart Cities” aren’t being publicly marketed as being the next best thing to sliced bread, it’s likely that all this infrastructure is being installed on the slyCommunities and residents are trying to stop it though in various parts of the country.

Just because wireless WiFi radiation seems to be everywhere, doesn’t mean it’s safe or even necessarily legal.

For more information about all of this, visit the following websites:

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