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A few days ago we noted that DB allegedly requested more time to comply with a letter drafted by the infamous Maxine Waters of the House Financial Services Committee demanding information from on a Russian money laundering scheme and loans made to Trump’s businesses while he was a private citizen.  Without providing any evidence or basis for her request, Waters seemingly attempted to link Trump to the “Russian Mirror Trading Scandal” and also asked for info on whether Russia “guaranteed” $300 million of loans made to Trump’s real interests in the Doral Golf resort in Florida, a Washington D.C. hotel and a Chicago tower…you know, because Russia had an obvious interest in backstopping Trump loans made several years ago on the off chance he might run for President one day and win.

Unfortunately for Waters, and millions of disaffected Hillary voters who just keeping hoping that if they throw enough shit against a wall that eventually something will stick, DB has been forced to notify her that they can’t comply with her request because, well, there are laws.  Per the Wall Street Journal:

Deutsche Bank told U.S. Democratic lawmakers the German lender can’t disclose details requested about its banking relationship with President Donald Trump, citing customer privacy rules, according to a letter from bank lawyers posted on its website.

Deutsche Bank also declined to provide lawmakers details of internal reviews into certain Russian trades and clients, saying the bank has settled several investigations into its trading and compliance practices and continues to cooperate with authorities looking into the matters.

The letter was dated Thursday and signed by two Washington, D.C.-based partners with law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, on behalf of Deutsche Bank. One of the lawyers referred questions to Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank’s letter Thursday said U.S. law prevents the bank from disclosing information about customer accounts, loans or other transactions, as well as information about internal reviews of those accounts. “This is true even if the individual is a government official or well-known person, and even in circumstances where the individual has made some disclosure regarding their relationship with their banking institution,” the lawyers said in the letter.

Of course, as we noted three days ago, Maxine Waters has absolutely no authority to compel Deutsche Bank to deliver any of the documentation she requested on her Russian fishing expedition…so we suspect she’ll just continue to be disappointed in her efforts which she is unlikely to abandon.

But the loan docs, which are most likely as standard and customary as they are boring, were never really the point anyway now were they?  No, the point was to craft a salacious letter to progress a narrative that Trump’s “unconventional relationship” with DB, because providing real estate loans is way outside DB’s ordinary business scope, is somehow tied to every shady Russian money laundering scheme ever uncovered…

“Deutsche Bank’s pattern of involvement in money laundering schemes with primarily Russian participation, its unconventional relationship with the President, and its repeated violations of U.S. banking laws over the past several years, all raise serious questions about whether the Bank’s reported reviews of the mirror trading scheme and Trump’s financial ties to Russia were sufficiently robust,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter.

…and, now that DB, as anyone with a brain could have predicted in advance, has officially declared that they can’t comply with Water’s ridiculous request, we simply can’t wait for the barrage of conspiracy theories that undoubtedly will emanate from CNN and the gang.

Here is the original letter (link):

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