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Authored by Soren K. Group for Marketslant

Ray Dalio, Owner of the worlds largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates located in CT, made $1 billion last year. This is down from the $5 billion he made the year before. 

from Matt Levine’s Money Stuff

Institutional Investor’s Alpha’s annual “Rich List of the World’s Top-Earning Hedge Fund Managers” is out today, and as usual the best-paid hedge-fund manager in 2016 was Warren Buffett, who made about $13.7 billion for the year. He earned it: His fund — Berkshire Hathaway Inc. — returned 23 percent in 2016, versus about a 12 percent total return for the S&P 500 index.

Anyway the big picture is that pay, or “pay,” was down this year, in line with performance generally being down. Only two managers — Simons and Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates — cracked a billion dollars, versus five last year. The cutoff for the top 50 was just $30 million dollars. “Some of the best-known names in the industry — including William A. Ackman, John A. Paulson and Edward S. Lampert — failed to make the list.” A small percentage return on a lot of money is a lot of money, but a negative return on a lot of money is still negative.

It gets better. Dalio also received over $5 million dollars last year and another $17 million in low interest loans from CT Governor Malloy to remain in CT. What billionaire needs a loan? The billionaire who doesn’t have to pay it back, with you on the hook, that is who. Meanwhile CT has to earn upwards of 13% annually now to honor its future pension obligations:

  • NJ > Detroit de la Mer
  • CT > Connecticare
  • IL > Murder Incorporated  (LLC?)

Why not create an emigration  tax on the wealthy fleeing the state Dan? Works at the Federal level. 

From Marketslant’s rather acerbic post in 2016:

Governor Malloy let GE leave. Well, that means you, the citizen will have to take a pension cut. Not Ray Dalio who took a payoff to stick around. You, the naive, believing in rainbow farting unicorn, Benetton wearing, Elitist, multiculturalist, asswipe (with no concept of limited resources) are telling the last 5 middle class working people left in CT that they must accept a breached contract. Picked up by Zerohedge HERE

Not convinced? Too vulgar or opinionated? Biased? Perhaps… but then from June 16th, 2016:

Connecticut’s Hedge-Fund BribeWSJ

First soak the rich. Then subsidize the richest. Meet the progressive state business model.Connecticut lost General Electric’s headquarters to Massachusetts earlier this year, so Governor Dannel Malloy is now trying Illinois’s business model: Raise taxes, and then when businesses threaten to leave, write a check to other businesses so they’ll stay. Behold his $22 million taxpayer gift to Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater hedge fund.

Last week the Governor presented Bridgewater with $5 million in grants and $17 million in low-interest, forgivable loans to renovate its headquarters in Westport along the state’s Gold Coast….

The loans were to spruce up his office.This was essentially an extortion payoff Malloy had to do because of his colossal error in letting General Electric leave. 

And to top it off: Malloy is a friend of the Clintons. Had HRC won, you can bet Malloy would be in her cabinet right now. And you can guess who would benefit from that. Dalio and Bridgewater, who were contributors to Malloy and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. With our money. The money Malloy used to pay off Bridgewater to not leave CT.

 Of course a lawyer would say “no quid-pro-quo” . No facts, no proof. Our own Latin response would then be:

” Res ipse loquitor. Manducatis bovem de stercore.

Fuck Dan Malloy. And Ray Dalio. We are considering running for office in CT. Our campaign slogan? 

“What ever Malloy Would do, We’ll Do the Opposite”

Why not? We elected a President who stated : Vote for me and you’re not going to get shot!

One Last Thing:

That $17MM loan to refurbish Bridgewater? It came just 4 years after Stamford basically bankrolled his new offices in CT:

The world’s largest hedge fund is getting government funding and tax breaks to pay for a new $750 million headquarters in Stamford, Conn. Bloomberg News reported that Bridgewater Associates received a $25 million 10-year loan at 1 percent interest rate, $5 million for job training, $5 million for energy efficient systems and $80 million in tax credits from Connecticut to help fund a 750,000-square-foot two-building complex in Stamford. 

Malloy called it a “Huge economic win”

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