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Posted with permission and written by Rory Hall (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

Grant Williams is maybe one of the best analysts on the planet. His work, especially, in the gold sector, is truly second to none. If you haven’t watched/listened to “Nobody Cares” it is time well spent.

The central planners/central banksters, who answer to no one, have completely lost their minds. What has happened, beginning in 2008, has never been tried before in the history of the world. These maniacs, who are in charge of our economies and finance, are literally making up the rules and changes as they go along. If a new plan is rolled out and it doesn’t work, try it again and keep trying until it works or try a slight “twist” to the plan and see if that works. Quantitative Easing is just such a program. These criminal maniacs had to do something as their entire criminal network was imploding.

As the money-changers were about to lose everything and wind up in the dust bin of history, governments around the world would have followed suit as the enablers of these currency schemes. Why do we see people standing up for BREXIT, Trump and noise being made in France and other nation states around Europe to take back their country from the current status quo? Since governments had made a deal with the devil and allowed these criminals to run the nations currency system, and by proxy, the banking system and economy, these corrupt governments had no choice but to go along with the latest piece of the puzzle in the ever expanding ponzi scheme. Of course, we, the citizens of these nations, are the ones that suffer with higher taxes, a complete take over by the banking cabal and loss of sovereignty due to the fact the banking cabal needs our labor (taxes) to fund their crimes. The corrupt governments must go along with these schemes as the central banksters set up the crime syndicate in a way that allows them, the banksters, to make their own rules and answer to no one. Not CONgress/parliament, Prime Minister/President – no one has authority over central banks and the banksters that operate these crime syndicates.

We have one last opportunity at reclaiming our sovereignty. The time is now and if nothing changes, citizens around the world, will be nothing more than an ATM for the banksters, hucksters and corrupt governments around the world. If the chains are not broken within the next few years we will be owned by the banksters. Look at what has happened in India and Venezuela with these governments forcing their citizens to stop using cash. When you can no longer conduct business with whom you wish, when you wish and without someone following your every breathe, you are a piece of property.

Mr. Williams does a masterful job of explaining how we arrived at this point. The only remaining question is – is it possible to get out if this situation without a revolution or world war? If you think the banksters are going to simply rollover and say “well, you guys are right, we have cheated you for almost 300 hundred years, you win, we will give back all the power we stole from you. Thanks for allowing us to rob you.” Never going to happen. If you don’t believe me, ask Abe Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

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Posted with permission and written by Rory Hall (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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