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If you are a stock bull, congratulations, you’ve unwittingly bought the market base don abject currency manipulation and nothing else.

Stocks have been propped up via abject manipulation of the $USD/ Yen pair and nothing else.  The two are been moving lockstop via one of the greatest market rigs in a history: a 10-day period in which stocks refused to move even 0.2%.

Put simply, you’re not actually a stock bull, you’re a Yen bear. Thank the Bank of Japan for it.

Similarly, if you’ve been bearish on Gold… once again, you’re actually playing the $USD/Yen pair, this time in reverse with Gold plunging to follow the drop in the Yen/ $USD pair.

Again, you thank the Bank of Japan for this.

Put simply, the markets have just experienced a 1 in 125-year market rigs. And it’s now ending.

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