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Despite the ubiquitous “tax cuts for billionaires” comments from the likes of Schumer and Pelosi, Matt Drudge has seen enough when it comes to President Trump’s policies. After the leaked details of Trump’s tax plan suggests a ‘surcharge on the wealthiest Americans’, Drudge took to Twitter…

His website also led with a scathing headline: “More Betrayal Republican Plan to Raise Taxes.”

Drudge is criticizing the GOP for making concessions to Democrats on taxes and health care, confirming there is no longer an “illusion” of difference between the two major parties…

Something we have discussed numerous times. As Charles Hugh Smith recently exclaimed…

All the legacy claims of both parties ring false; neither party gives a hoot about the working class, small business or civil liberties. Their entire game plan is to whip up hot-button social issues to distract a fragmented citizenry and arouse last-gasp emotional loyalty to empty slogans.

Is it any wonder that people are abandoning both parties and claiming Independent status? All the core systems of the nation are failing, visibly, painfully, badly, and yet all the parties can dredge up is more of the same and TINA–there is no alternative.

The citizen who just awakened also awakened to the truth: the legacy parties have no solutions; their game plan is to milk the system as long as they can before it collapses in a rotten heap of corruption, fraud, collusion, debt and profiteering that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

When the parties do finally implode, the general mood will be: good riddance. A centralized spoils system is no longer a viable way to govern the nation. Political systems everywhere are facing a choice: Decentralize or die.

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Drudge tends to delete his tweets soon after releasing them so here it is for posterity…

Interestingly, shorly after tweeting, Drudge altered the headline on his homepage…

Regulatory ‘tap on the shoulder’?

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