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A right wing group was marching in Westlake (just north of Seattle), so naturally the leftists led by ANTIFA in Seattle attempted to disrupt their little shindig.

As always, the masked men clad in black didn’t fail to provide its audience with ample supplies of degeneracy and violence.

Here are the lowlights.

With a ‘Go Back to Europe’ flag in the background, an gentleman from the ANTIFA organization burned an American flag.

Here they are trying to break through the police barrier of mountain bikes, most likely to say a few unkind words to the other gents in Westlake.

They caught one! An evil alt-right racist was snagged by ANTIFA, so naturally they tried to rob him of his phone.

Unable to break the barrier, ANTIFA resorted to third grade schoolyard assaults, spraying police with silly string.

The police get fed up with having silly string sprayed on their officers and decide to reply with flash bangs into the crowd.


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