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By B.N. Frank

The boldly titled September 1, 2018 article starts off like this:

With the transition to a new networking technology, some familiar scare stories are reemerging. You might even have seen a few in the comments here. “5G will give you cancer,” “mmWave technology leads to brain tumors,” and “smartphones are microwaving our bodies,” or so the stories go.

It’s all hogwash.


The writer then continues to inform readers about “persistent mistruths about cell tower radiation…from as far back as the 2G days”.  Coincidentally, he fails to mention that The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) is one of the organizations that has been publicizing these so-called “persistent mistruths” since the 2G days (2004).  Here’s a little something from the folks willing to enter burning buildings to save helpless people and animals:

Critical questions concerning the health effects and safety of RF/MW radiation remain.  Accordingly, should we allow exposure of our fire fighters and emergency medical personnel to this radiation to continue for the next twenty years when there is ongoing controversy over many aspects of RF/MW health effects?

The writer also failed to acknowledge that in 2014, The Wall Street Journal determined that one in 10 cell tower/antenna sites violated federal radiation rules.

Bummer, right?

But what do you expect from someone who makes a living by promoting technology – even scary-as-hell 5G technology.  Some readers will see the title of his article, believe it to be the solemn truth, and not read any further.  He knows that and so does Android Authority.  Only readers who finish the entire LONG article will see how eventually he balks:

That said, U.S. regulations came into effect in 1990 and a review certainly couldn’t hurt as new technologies emerge.

Amen to that!  Especially regarding kids!

I want to end by saying none of this means research into the possible effects of radio-frequency radiation isn’t important or should be outright ignored.

Huh?  You said at the beginning of the article that this was all hogwash.  Remember:

5G will give you cancer,” “mmWave technology leads to brain tumors,” and “smartphones are microwaving our bodies,” or so the stories go.

It’s all hogwash.

Now this isn’t hogwash?

We can always stand to learn more, like how cellphone radiation affects fertility or if there are elevated risks for children. If there are unknown risks, we certainly want to know about them.

Dude, many of us already know how cell phone radiation affects fertility and that there are elevated risks for children.

Of course, he then does a complete 180 because his job is to promote technology: 

However, as the evidence currently stands, there is no compelling case stating smartphones or their associated radio signals are unsafe for public use.

No compelling case?  Even the wireless industry has never said cell phones are safe.  They’re also warning shareholders they may be eventually found liable for harm AND insurance companies don’t want to cover them anymore.

OTHER reporters are comparing them to “Big Tobacco” and “Big Oil.”

This writer is either cherry picking or maybe he sincerely believes all the research that says technology works via harmless magic.  Or perhaps his brain has actually been fried by radiation.  Regardless of the reasons, he’s not the first and he certainly won’t be the last to refer to credible research as “hogwash” in order to make a living.

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