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Infowars founder Alex Jones told Valuetainment last Friday that the powers-that-be initially thought he was a joke and said all the while the Democrats thought they were winning before the ‘big dose’ of truth hit them.

“We built up [Infowars] — they thought we were a joke — they used us against trump — they kept thinking they were winning and now when the poison, the truth, is so strong when the big dose hits them they already have them figured out,” the Texas-based talk show host said. “I’m the globalists lethal injection and I’m ready to die — so let’s just be clear.”

“I’ve already won,” he explained. “This is all gravy from this point on.”

“… they just took there death dose,” he said. “Really. I’m going to kill the New World Order — that’s why they call me violent — that’s why they hate me.

“You ask why they are so afraid — they are so afraid because I have their number,” Jones said.

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