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The founders of our nation, in debating which laws would form the government of the United States of America, often said this when they believed different things than their countrymen, “I totally disagree with what you say, yet I will fight to my death to defend your right to say it.”

What has happened to ourselves that every disagreeable word is jumped upon and banned from the internet? Doesn’t Google – Youtube – Facebook – Twitter  believe that we can think for ourselves and then choose for ourselves what to believe as Truth?

Either they believe we are idiots, or they want to control what we think. These are the only two choices. As a people of computers and smartphones and air travel, they could not possibly think we are idiots. That, then, leaves this now deductively established fact, that they want to control what we think.

“Political Correctness” (notice the word “Political”, which means, “What you Think”) is the trojan horse disguise of censorship. They want to control what we think, literally think. Whatever we see . . . we think. They want to control what we see, therefore, they want to control what we think. If they control what we see, and they almost entirely do, then they actually control what we think . . . inside of our minds. If they do that, then they control us like a dog on a leash, who falsely believes that they have freedom to walk here or there, when they are really under the direction and limits of their unseen master.

Censorship, which is thought control, preceded NAZI Germany, and every other dictatorship in the entire history of the world.

Liberal or Conservative, both groups should not want to be told what to think, or what not to think, by anyone, ever, and certainly not to have all of the other options of what could be thought, deleted from the internet for all time.

Who are these people who are doing this? You can watch my video below entitled “Youtube Censorship by Brother Bart” to find out the very, scary, answer.

The reason they want us to fight each other, with “He said” – “She said”, is so that we will be eternally distracted with this division, which they are deliberately creating, so that we will not unite together and go after them, because if we do this, they will be overwhelmingly outnumbered and lose.

Theses billionaires should have kept giving me my penny ad revenue, and all of this would not have come to my mind to publish, which, with God’s will, and with the help of others like you, will take them down with their own bullets.

Praise God!

Brother Bart

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