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Censorship, thy name is YouTube.

From Bloomberg:

YouTube, a popular media site for firearms enthusiasts, this week quietly introduced tighter restrictions on videos involving weapons, becoming the latest battleground in the U.S. gun-control debate.

YouTube will ban videos that promote or link to websites selling firearms and accessories, including bump stocks, which allow a semi-automatic rifle to fire faster. Additionally, YouTube said it will prohibit videos with instructions on how to assemble firearms.

The wave of leftist/Globalist attacks on free speech continues. The leftist/Globalists have never stood for the free exchange of information and ideas. Their narrative, they firmly believe, should be the only allowable narrative. That they control the dominant markets, such as YouTube and Facebook, gives them the ability to control the public discourse. This they firmly believe. Yet, the wave of populism/nationalism that is sweeping the world cannot be controlled by the dying vestiges of globalism. They can lash out at the new populist wave, (with attacks against free speech),  but they cannot silence this wave.

The Globalists have sought to demonize guns, to the point of denying the 2nd Amendment. Just as all tyrants have done, they seek to disarm the populace in order to control them. This is par for the course with tyrants. The first order of business for tyrants is to disarm the population. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many other tyrants did this, before they brutally squashed opposition. Millions died as a result of being disarmed.

The globalists are not peace-loving people, though they pretend to be. They are, quite simply, control freaks, who will stop at nothing in their quest for ultimate control.

Fearful of losing the public debate, as the world is turning away from the false Utopia of globalism, they are lashing out in many ways. Fake News is one of their methods of lashing out, and the whole Trump-Russia collusion narrative, (which they endlessly spout, without a shred of evidence), is another. Censorship is another of their attempts to control the narrative. Conservatives, Christians, Libertarians and anyone connected with guns are also being censored. Meanwhile, the Hollywood crowd, who support globalism are paraded before us as voices of reason, though they come across as unbalanced and vitriolic.

The globalists realize they cannot win the argument with reasoned debate, therefore they resort to Saul Alinsky tactics of personal attacks, lies and obfuscation. And censorship.

Safe spaces. Give me a break. How childish can you get? Do they allow us safe spaces? Of course not, nor should there be such a thing in the free exchange of ideas.

The battle against Globalism continues. That they are lashing out with such vitriol implies that we are winning the debate. A paradigm shift is occurring. The Globalists cannot stop it. They can only attempt to destroy what they realize they cannot control.

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