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By B.N. Frank

Many pet parents go to great lengths to keep their fur children healthy and happy for as long as possible.  Activist Post has already published and shared many articles about how exposure to digital, electronic, and wireless devices and infrastructure as well as Blue Light, CFL, and LED light bulbs can cause various health problems in humans – including cancer.  We’ve also published articles on how exposure can cause various health problems in animals – including cancer:

  • Not Healthy for Man’s Best Friend: Dog Collars and Leashes with LED Lights
  • Do You Love Your Kitty Enough to Trade Your Smart Phone for a Flip Phone? New Study on Big Cats Explains Why You Should
  • New Study Says Big Cats and Other Endangered Animals Do Best Where There’s No Phone Coverage. Other Studies Spanning Several Decades ^..^=
  • Your Pets May Be Affected by WiFi and Electronic Devices Even if You Aren’t.

If your pets become sick, many vets will not take exposure to any of these sources into consideration when diagnosing and treating them.  Even if you address your concerns about exposure, they may still discount research that has already proven harm.  Of course, vets and other medical professionals have been wrong before.  Once upon a time, there were doctors who told us that cigarettes were good for our health and that countless other products were also completely safe.  That’s life.


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