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Defcon analysts are claiming North Korea and their round pint-sized tyrant, Kim Jong-Un, will test another intercontinental ballistic missile, and much “sooner than expected.” This test is likely to occur during the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The shocking warning from Defcon comes amid news that the South and the North have rekindled talks about the Olympics. Defcon has monitored and analyzed nuclear threats against the United States since 1984 and classes the immediacy of the threat numerically and by color. The US is currently at Defcon 5, code Green, meaning there are no imminent nuclear threats against the country.

But according to Defcon analyst, Harry Kazianis, the North will most likely conduct their next ICBM test during the Winter Olympics, which is set to take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea in February of this year. “They are going to test an ICBM, or nuclear weapon, or try to hack these Olympics. They are not going to do nothing. They are going to do something,” Kazianis said.

North Korea has been ignoring calls to put an end to its threatening rhetoric, fueling fears of  among the international community. Kazianis also warned that leader Kim Jong-un could exploit the Winter Olympics to showcase his military arsenal in front of the world despite the offering of the proverbial olive branch to neighboring South Korea. “Of course, the South Koreans are going to try and make the best of it but I guarantee the North Koreans are going to use this for propaganda advantage,” Kazianis reiterated.

Other experts say that the US is going to jump a chance to fight another war too. Analysts warned of the burgeoning conflict between North Korea and the US as they announced the latest Defcon condition code. Despite the low threat level, analysts have warned of increasingly volatile international politics which could plunge the globe into war.

Balking at United Nations sanctions and increasing international pressure, North Korea has refused to give up its nuclear weapons, saying they are non-negotiable. The dictatorship is likely to continue testing missiles and other nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons as well, provoking a further international outcry, according to Defcon.

“This test took a number of experts by surprise, and many warn that North Korea is rapidly advancing its ICBM capabilities,” Defcon said of North Korea’s latest nuclear test, which flew for longer than any previously tested missile.

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