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With Wikileaks releasing what may have been the final 2,073 Podesta emails in part 32 of its ongoing dump of hacked campaign chairman emails, with the dramatic discoveries over the past week largely overshadowed by the FBI “scandal” which has now fully blown over after Director Comey first zigged, announcing in a cryptic statement he was reopening a probe into Clinton’s email server last Friday, only to zag just 9 days later when the FBI reported it had found nothing material in the 650,000 emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the whistleblower organization appeared to have run out of steam.

However moments ago, Wikileaks announced the release of another huge batch of hacked DNC emails, which it dubbed #DNCLeak2, contained some 8,263 previously unseen, hacked DNC emails – a server penetration which had previously been attributed either to the Guccifer 2.0 hacker, or Vladimir Putin, and which over the summer cost Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job when it was revealed that the DNC was rigging the primary in HIllary’s favor – going public for the first time.

While we expect the FBI to fully parse, scan and finalize it report on this batch within the next 10 or so minutes, and to conclude there is nothing of significance in the pile, we will as usual try to find anything particularly relevant, although if the Podesta emails – which provided an explicit admission by an internal review of the Clinton Foundation that it was breaking the law on at least one occasion, and that Teneo, CGI and the CF were operated as “political organizations”, meant to boost “pay to play” – failed to get an indictment out of the FBI, we truly doubt that anything that is contained in tonight’s 8,000 emails will sway the so-called law enforcement authorities into action.

As usual, readers are warmly invited to submit any material discoveries our way at the usual address.

* * *

In an April 2016 email from DNC research director Lauren Dillon, we find that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had tasked the DNC with coming up with questions for his interview of Donald Trump:

Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Trump on Tues ahead of his foreign policy address on Wed.

Please send me thoughts by 10:30 AM tomorrow.


The DNC was quick to oblige, even if ultimately the interview ended up getting cancelled.

* * *

Also in April 2016, Dillon was tasked by CNN to come up with questions, only this time for Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina:

* * *

An email from May 2016, shows yet another instance of the DNC creating and approving a fake Craigslist ad seeking to mock Donald Trump.

The DNC’s outside councel at Perkins Coie was not particularly impressed the ideas, with lawyer Jacquelyn Lopez noting that “the defamation risk here is too high. I know we are going for a parody, but given the content of the post (his private business practices, sexual harassment, etc) we would open ourselves up to a defamation suit if we posted.

That however did not ruin the DNC’s enthusiasm:

Apparently Graham took this all the way to Marc, and he said no. So if we do this, we need to get Amy and Lindsey to agree that we’re ok with the possibility of getting sued.

* * *

Jackie said to Cate “if you think getting sued would be awesome publicity and Amy and Lindsey are willing to go there, then let’s talk, but…”

* * *

Rapid team has signed off, we just need to decide within this group IF we want to take this to lindsey / amy / luis

* * *

If we have a likelihood of getting sued I need to look at it closely too if you want to move forward.

You can take it to them first to decide and if they say no that will save me time but I may end up making edits – or I may not – before it actually goes out.

My team if great as you know but I lawsuit should be on my shoulders.

Ultimately, it is unclear if the DNC ended up running the mocking Craig’s List ad.

* * *

Last but not least, a May 2016 DNC email reveals the culprit behind Donald Trump’s exorbitant tax loopholes. And it is, drumroll, William Jefferson Clinton.

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