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As the Mainstream (Lamestream) Media (MSM) is slowly dying, the Alternative Media is growing. Those who have decided to abandon the Marxist dominated MSM are, it would seem, from the political Right and Libertarian sphere. The Left dominates the MSM, and now the Right is dominating the Alternative Media.

I am not ashamed of my heritage; in fact I am very proud of it. I come from humble, hardworking stock, who are kind to their neighbors and respect others. While the MSM continues its efforts to destroy my heritage and culture, I reject their efforts as being whiny and pathetic. I recognize they wish to control me, and everyone, but I reject their attempts at control. Why would I listen to a bunch of whining Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and reject the heritage I am proud of? I don’t go to Twitter, or Facebook, for my news. I DO go to YouTube, however, along with other sources, such as InfoWars, Breitbart, Stefan Molyneux, Gateway Pundit, Zero Hedge, SGT Report, X22 Report and others.

I could care less what CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post think about the major issues of the day. I know they are Marxist/Globalist platforms and do not wish to waste my time reading, or listening to, their drivel to any extent.

The Globalists wish to destroy Western Civilization to create their Marxist Utopia. No thank you. Your vision of a Utopia that creates serfdom for the vast majority, while giving riches to a select few is not for me. I don’t look upon my neighbors with disdain, as you Globalists do. I see mostly honest, hardworking people who want the best for their families. You see “worthless eaters”. You wish to control. I wish to liberate. We are nothing alike, Mr. and Mrs. Globalist. You promote lies. I promote truth. You promote indecency. I promote decency. You teach children to feel worthless. I teach them to recognize their worth.

You can have your MSM. I will join my friends on Alternative media.

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