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What’s really going on in Aleppo? Are Assad and Putin exterminating the population for sport? Is it a war against US-backed “moderates”? That is what the mainstream media would have us believe. We speak with Vanessa Beeley, a journalist who just returned from Aleppo for the real story.

Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong

Daniel McAdams: Hello everybody, and thank you for tuning in The Liberty Report. I’m the co-host, Daniel McAdams. Dr. Paul is travelling, he’s speaking at his old alma mater, Gettysburg College tonight, so I have the reins today. Today, we’re going to be talking about something that is in the news, it’s been covered extensively in both the U.S. and the international news, and that is the situation in Aleppo. We’ve talked about this before, but as things get more and more serious, I think there is a need to revisit the topic and give some updates. But I’m very fortunate today to have a special guest, Vanessa Beeley. She is an independent investigative journalist and photographer, and unlike most of the people who will spout off about what’s going on in Syria and Aleppo, she actually just returned from there as an investigative reporter.

Vanessa, thank you very much for joining us today.

Vanessa Beeley: You’re welcome, thank you so much for inviting me to come on.

Daniel McAdams: Maybe if you don’t mind giving our viewers just a couple of words about your background of where you come from, what you do, and that sort of thing.

Vanessa Beeley: Sure. I’m British born, my father was a British diplomat, a British ambassador to the Middle East throughout most of his career. That’s what gave me the interests in the Middle East. I spent some time in Gaza as a peace activist, I lived there in 2012 through the Israeli bombing campaign at the end of 2012. I then, obviously, developed an interest in writing about my experience, which led to my being involved with various organizations that are covering the Syria crisis as independent investigative analysts and researchers. I write predominantly for 21st Century Wire, and the articles have also been published at Mint Press.

Daniel McAdams: Good, that’s great. Vanessa, I don’t need to tell you that this has been a really dramatic week when it comes to Syria and Aleppo. Yesterday, we saw the State Department spokesman, John Kirby, warned the Russians that if they continue fighting and assisting the Syrian government, more Russian lives will be lost, and more Russian planes will be shot down. That’s a very chilling thing for him to say, he said Russians will be coming home in body bags. It sounds like a threat, and you might just say it’s typical of John Kirby’s blowhard style of speaking. But when you couple that with the fact that during the ceasefire that lasted about a week and ended a few days ago, the U.S. and its allies were literally shipping tons of anti-aircraft rockets to their rebels in and around Aleppo. You could see a situation where you could have a Russian plane shot down with American provided missiles, U.S. and UK provided missiles. That is very, very frightening. Also, John Kerry said that the U.S. would suspend cooperation with the Russians unless the attacks on Eastern Aleppo cease.

We hear a lot about Aleppo in the media in the U.S., and, Vanessa, I know you won’t be shocked to hear that the U.S. mainstream media gets it all wrong. I’m going to read a couple of headlines that I just pulled at random from today, and then I’m going to toss it back to you to let me know whether these are right or wrong.
Here’s the Washington Post, the paper of record for Washington DC: “Darkness and fear in Aleppo, as the bombs rain down”.
Washington Times: “U.S. pressed to prevent Aleppo bloodbath as residents sit in their homes waiting to die”.
New York Times: “Vladimir Putin’s outlaw state”.
New York Times: “The brutal strategy behind Russia’s massacres in Syria.”
That’s a little flavor of our media over here, Vanessa, how accurate is that in your experience? You’ve just returned from a trip to Aleppo.

Vanessa Beeley: We’re seeing such an amplification of this anti-Russia, anti-Syria propaganda right now, and it’s very sickening. Because the Syrian-Arab army and their allies are advancing through eastern Aleppo and they’re routing the U.S. and NATO backed terrorists that are occupying that area. This is a very important point to make, because the majority of western media, in the UK as well as in the U.S., are very much portraying Aleppo as a sort of homogenous city, but that’s not true. We’re talking here very clearly the tale of two cities, if you like. Aleppo has been divided by the terrorists invasion that happened around 2012. Right from the very beginning, Aleppo has resisted any attempts to pull it into the so called mythical revolution. And because of that fact, the invasion that happened in 2012 has inflicted punitive measures on western Aleppo, if you like, because they are more responsible for resisting the armed revolution.

600,000 civilians fled from Eastern Aleppo into Western Aleppo very early on when the terrorists invaded. Among those that are left, there are probably around, according to the Aleppo medical association that we met with when we went to Aleppo, 200,000 or maybe even less people left in Eastern Aleppo. At least a quarter of that, if not more, are terrorists and their families. The civilians that are in Eastern Aleppo, the majority of them, are being held hostage. We were given many witness testimonies that stated to us they have family that are still in Eastern Aleppo, that are terrified to leave to come into the government held Western Aleppo, because if they leave, members of their family, their friends, their relations will be murdered by the terrorists. So, fundamentally, these terrorists are using these civilians as human shields, and then declaring to the media that’s accepting their propaganda, that these civilians are under threat. The only reason they’re under threat is because they’re being imprisoned in this area by the terrorists and used as human shields.

Daniel McAdams: You already said something that sort of breaks with the mainstream narrative, because, for any rational person, you say 600,000 people escaped from Eastern Aleppo into Western Aleppo. Well, if the mainstream narrative is correct, which is that Assad simply enjoys murdering his own people, then why on earth would people go from liberated East Aleppo into the realm of the murderous tyrant Assad in West Aleppo? Something doesn’t make sense here.

Vanessa Beeley: You’ve absolutely hit the button, in fact, what people need to realize is that 90% of the internally displaced people, the people that have been driven out of their towns and villages by the terrorists invasion – the genetically modified terrorist, whatever brand name they are given, they are terrorists; and that’s according to the Syrian people, that’s not my opinion. Of these internally displaced people, 90% have gone into government held areas for protection, that’s over 7 million people that have been displaced inside Syria that have fled to government held areas. Let’s just also dismantle the whole sectarian idea, because if you go to the coastal areas, for example, like Tartus and Latakia, you will find there that there are Sunni, there are Christians, there are all manner of denominations that have fled to that area to cohabit and coexists side by side in taking refuge from the terrorists attacks and massacres that are going on in their homes and villages. So you’re absolutely right to make that point.

The other point is, there was a huge campaign of dehumanization of the Syrian people by the western media. Yesterday, I saw that those that are in Western Aleppo were being described as Assad supporters. This is a complete lie, these people are not necessarily Assad supporters, they may be against Assad. But their principle is, they don’t really believe in killing Syria to improve Syria, and that’s the direct quote from one of the doctors working in Western Aleppo. That’s another point to make: they talk all the time about the last doctor in Eastern Aleppo, they again create this entire campaign about the hospitals and the last doctor in Eastern Aleppo. There are 4,120 doctors working in Aleppo, right, and 200 have joined that number in the last six months, they registered with the Aleppo Medical Association. And the government has sent doctors from Western Aleppo, paying their salaries, into Eastern Aleppo, to treat not only terrorists but also the civilians that are being held by the terrorists there.

Those that have stopped them coming in are the terrorists, the so called rebels or opposition, as they are described in the western media. There are three main hospitals in Eastern Aleppo, only 3; and there are 7 basic health centers that don’t have the facilities to carry out operations and so on. Those three hospitals, out in al-Dakkak, al-Zahraa, and the Omar Abdul Aziz hospital, which was created by the of the Grand Mufti Hassoun, are all occupied by terrorists. The top floors are being used as sniping towers; again, this is not described. And they will treat terrorists as a priority over civilians. The al-Quds hospital, which has been in the news recently, which by the way was destroyed according to all mainstream media in April, it was reduced to a smoldering heap as per their reports, is now suddenly rebuilt in the last few months and is now top of the agenda again in the propaganda.

Al-Quds hospital is a terrorist rehab center that has been set up by the terrorists, it was visited on the 12th of August, prior to our visit, by Sheikh Abdullah Muhaysini, who is the Riyadh educated and funded leader of Jaish al-Fatah, the Armory Of Conquest chief, trainer of suicide bombers, and chief terrorist funder, armer, and executor.

Daniel McAdams: He sounds like a nice guy. You know, for anyone who might suggest that you’re being a little emphatic with your words calling the Eastern Aleppo terrorists, I would simply remind our viewers that Colonel Steve Warren, who is a Pentagon spokesperson, said not long ago that Eastern Aleppo is in the hands of the al-Nusra Front, which is Al-Qaida, which we all recognize as terrorists. They had something to do with something that happened in the U.S. on 9/11, yet somehow it seems that the U.S. is desperate to protect an area that its own government says is occupied and under siege by Al-Qaida terrorists. You can forgive the viewers for being confused about this.

Vanessa Beeley: Absolutely, and actually, I can easily forgive the viewers, trust me. Even for me, someone that’s been there and has been writing on this for ages now, there’s 22 (I call them genetically modified) terrorists. Because we can’t call them moderates, we can’t call them anything other than terrorists. Again, I have to stress here, that comes from every single Syrian person that I met across the governors that I travelled to. They do not even consider there is any differentiation between these terrorists, they are all criminals, they are all mass murderers, they are all rapists, they are all torturers, they are all abusers of their children and their families. In fact, you are quite right, 80% of those 200,000 people that are in Eastern Aleppo have been described as being al-Nusra Front. Yesterday, in fact, while the media was amplifying and megafying the propaganda that was being provided to them by the terrorists factions inside Eastern Aleppo, motors were being rained down upon civilians in Western Aleppo. We had descriptions of it being like hell yesterday.

There was a six year old child who was hit by mortar, she’s six years old, she’s now paralyzed. At the same time, The Free Idlib Army, which is, again, a new genetically modified version of the U.S. terrorists that are in Idlib, were firing Bulgarian, among other countries, supplied Grad missiles into Northern Aleppo. And one family in al-Zahra, which is in Northern Aleppo countryside, four of their children from the age of 11 down to 1.5 were dreadfully injured by these missile attacks yesterday. None of this is mentioned. These terrorists, that are called rebels, that are called moderate rebels, that are called opposition, are massacring Syrian people. They are not Syrian people who are Assad supporters, they are Syrian people, whether they are Christian, whether they are Shia, or whether they are Sunni, or whether they are alloyed. Every single one of them will say to you, “We are Syrian first and foremost, and even if we disagree with our government, we’re not here to kill our country in order to improve it”.

Daniel McAdams: You know, it might be difficult for a lot of Americans to understand or to believe that it’s government is siding with terrorists. But Dr. Paul and I did a show on this yesterday, where we pointed out that this is not unprecedented. After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, the U.S. very actively supported the Mujahedeen, which then became Al-Qaida and Bin Laden. So there is precedent to the U.S. backing terrorists, because the U.S.’s goal, and I think you’ll agree with this, Vanessa, has always been regime change in Syria. Everything else is just for show, the reality is they have got to change the regime in Syria, and that’s their goal. I want to go into the propaganda a little bit, because the western propaganda has been like nothing we have ever seen. Here’s something I know that you know about, because I read your writings about it, and these are the so called White Helmets.

They’re portrayed here in the U.S. as selfless humanitarians that rush in in the face of danger and save little children from the rubble, and they’re always photographed doing this. But there’s a different side to these so called White Helmets, and I think you know quite a bit about it, Vanessa.

Vanessa Beeley: Yes, absolutely, and thank you for bring them up. As we know, they’re sort of being fated and celebrated and iconized as heroes and saviors of humanity. One of the things that I did while I was in Syria, and I did it deliberately as part of my investigation into this group, was I visited the real Syria Civil Defense in Aleppo, in Tartus, in Latakia, and their headquarters in Damascus, which is right in the Jaish al-Islam territory very close by to Jobar. So they are constantly under attack from terrorist mortar fire and snipers and explosive bullets. What I found out from the real Syria Civil Defense basically backed up the research I had been doing up until then. The White Helmets, in my opinion, are fundamentally an attempt by the U.S. and by NATO states to create a shadow state inside Syria which, again, is a very familiar pattern. They did this in Iraq, and they are definitely doing this in Syria.

The white Helmets, despite saying that they are an NGO and that they are independent and that they have no funding from interested parties in the conflict in Syria, are probably now receiving around 100 million dollars at a conservative estimate. 23 million does from the USA, from the UK we have Boris Johnson yesterday saying that he was going to up the ante to 32 million pounds. Japan is now involved, Denmark, Holland … the other day Germany confirmed that they would give them 7 million. We have sort of coalition of the White Helmets, if you like, and a hundred million dollars we’re supposed to believe is going to fund 3,000 operatives in a supposed cobbled together humanitarian NGO. This is the kind of money you put into an army, it’s not the kind of money you put into a very simple NGO.

We know for a fact they fabricate evidence, that’s been proven in my reports. We know for a fact that they are sectarian, when the Madaya propaganda broke in January 2016, they were photographed calling for the burning and destruction of two Idlib villages, Kefraya and Foua that have been under siege by the terrorists since March 2015. They’ve lost 1,700 civilians under shelling and sniper fire, and the White Helmets were calling for their further destruction. We have numerous photographs showing them armed, showing them basically acting as terrorists and then quickly putting on the white helmet when they’re needed to make another promotional video. I’m being flippant here, but this is genuinely what is happening. When I spoke to the Syrian Civil Defense, the real Syrian Civil defense, and again I will reiterate, the White Helmets are being used to eradicate yet another Syrian state institution, which is the real Syrian Civil Defense, that has been in existence for 63 years since 1953.

It’s registered with the international civil defense organization, which is affiliated to the UN, to the WHO, to the Red Cross and Red Crescent. It’s a fully certified civil defense organization. So why are the millions not going to this organization to help save civilians in Syria? This organization, the real Syria Civil Defense, is working in both terrorist and civil areas, and it’s rescuing people every day with no recognition from western media. Not one western media pundit has gone to visit the real Syrian Civil Defense in five and a half years of war. That’s criminal in my book. Just very quickly coming back to the White Helmets, when I spoke to the Syrian Civil Defense, particularly in Aleppo, they told me that in 2012, when the terrorists invaded, they took over the real Syrian Civil Defense units there. These terrorists then later became The White Helmets.

One of the crew members of the real Syrian Civil Defense that’s now in Western Aleppo – it gets a little bit convoluted – basically told me that when they came, they threatened him and said to him, “You have to stay and work with us, you have to help us set this up”. He escaped, he left his family behind, he had no choice. When he escaped, the so called White Helmets put his name on all the checkpoints, so if he were to come back to visit his family in Eastern Aleppo, he would be executed. They stole all of the ambulances, three of their fire engines, they murdered other real Civil Defense members, they kidnapped others, they drove others out of Eastern Aleppo into Western Aleppo, and this is not an isolated incident. Basically the same procedure happened in Idlib, in Deir ez-Zor, in Raqqa. In other words, across Syria. This organization is basically, as far as I’m concerned, a terrorist support group that are acting as terrorists in many instances, and they are terrorists. And yet, they are being described by our governments as humanitarian first respondents.

Daniel McAdams: Well, they’re also described as volunteers. So if all of these guys are volunteers, honestly, where does this 100 million dollars go? Even for a super big NGO, even the Heritage Foundation or something, 100 million dollars goes a long way. Where do you think this money is going? Everyone is a volunteer, yet they’ve got a hundred million dollars.

Vanessa Beeley: I think it’s a front for funding the arms trade into Syria, to be quite honest. And if you think about it, this as a perfect front, they’re first respondents, they’re traveling backwards. They’re trained in Turkey, so they’re coming from Turkey into Syria all the time with trucks, with fire engines. If you look at the YouTube videos of the White Helmets in Idlib, it’s like a parade of all the equipment they are being given by their various sponsors in the EU and in the U.S. They’re the perfect conduit, they’re the perfect artery into the terrorist held areas to bring in arms, weapons, and equipment. I believe this is where this 100 million is going. By the way, they’re also trained by James le Mesurier, who is a very sort of colorful ex-British military mercenary that has connections back to organizations like Black Water, that are famous for being death squad organizers for the CIA and were heavily funded by Bush and then Obama. I think Obama gave around 250 million to Black Water in order to continue carrying out Black Water outreach assassination operations.

Black Water became an academy, and then they got merged into various other groups, with which James le Mesurier has very strong contacts. This is not some grassroots indigenous humanitarian organization, this is a huge operation that’s going on. Not only that, the entire war propaganda, the dirty war on Syria war propaganda, is underpinned by this organization. I think this is why we’re seeing this incredible rush to give credibility to this organization. We have to worry about what sort of tool this organization will be in the hands of whoever is elected next in the United States. If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s kind of terrifying if these guys get the Nobel Peace Prize. You’re talking about terrorists receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, that’s a descent into insanity, as far as I can work it out.

Daniel McAdams: Well, in her defense, Obama got it, and he’s been through bad [..] so maybe actually it would be appropriate.

Vanessa Beeley: I think he was a little bit more covert terrorism than perhaps the White Helmets, but yes, you’re absolutely right. I’m kiss and tell, by the way.

Daniel McAdams: Unfortunately, we’re going to have to close the show. I could talk about this a lot longer, and I wish we could, but it’s so valuable to get information from people on the ground who’ve actually been there. Even the mainstream journalists that are reporting from Lebanon and elsewhere. I just want to thank you very much for coming and sharing with us, and I hope we can have you on again for some more insights. Thank you very much, Vanessa.

Vanessa Beeley: Thank you so much for giving me the platform, and thank you so much to your viewers, I really appreciate it.

Daniel McAdams: Thank you. And I want to thank all of the viewers today for listening to a very different look at Syria, a very different look at how the media portrays things. I think it’s just very important to talk to people that have been there. Let’s hope that something changes and that peace will finally come to this poor beleaguered country. And I want to thank all of you for tuning in to The Liberty Report, please come back soon.

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