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231231231231The Western media outrage that usually follows any step Moscow and Damascus are taking in the fight against radical Islamists in Syria has suddenly gone quiet when Belgian warplanes attacked the Kurdish village of Hassager in the province of Aleppo on October 18.

For over a week Brussels has been trying to deny the fact that two F-16 bearing the traditional Belgium paintscheme committed a war crime in Syria, even despite the fact that Moscow provided Belgian military and political officials with documentary evidence that two Belgian planes were operating in this area after taking off at the Muwaffaq Salti Air Base in Jordan. These jets flew over Iraq, and then in 2:37 AM they crossed the Syrian border about 70 miles to north-east of the mountains of Deir ez-Zor, then they refueled in the air by catching the US Stratotanker KC-135, in 03:35 AM they started bombing Hassager, and then in 4:19 AM, after refueling yet again they carried on patrolling the airspace to the north of Aleppo.

By refusing to acknowledge the involvement of its F-16 aircraft in the October 18 attack, Brussels is showing its inability to control the actions of its military officials.

There could be no error in the identification of these two planes, since after entering the detection zone of a radar, any aircraft is being identified by its unique attributes and then the data about it is being stored in a special database. That is how a profile of every airplane is being created, and it cannot be confused with any other aircraft. Therefore, upon entering the detection zone any airplane in Syria is being immediately identified. And since these two planes have been repeatedly entering Syria’s airspace, as Russian officials claim, they were capable of establishing immediately that those jets were flown by the Belgium Air Force.

Belgian politicians have repeatedly questioned the reasoning behind the Belgian Armed Forces participation in the illegal United States operations in Syria. Therefore, it is possible that the White House and the Pentagon have decided to “tie with innocent blood” those Belgian politicians, that were appalled by the loss of life of their soldiers and officers in a foreign country for the sake of the US special interests. Sending Belgian pilots on such a barbaric mission is a particularly relevant step from the point of view of Washington, since it’s becoming increasingly apparent that ISIS militants that are surrounded in the east of Aleppo by the Syrian army troops won’t be able to carry on fighting for long. But the US is still trying to save them – since the liberation of Aleppo will be a major victory for the Syrian government and Bashar al-Assad himself. That is why in Washington, Paris, Brussels and other capitals of NATO countries have threatened Russia and Syria with declaring the ongoing airtrikes in Aleppo “war crimes”, while the head of EU foreign ministries at the EU Council meeting on Syria on October 17, urged the West to bring the “war crimes in Syria” to the International Criminal Court.

Therefore, one can only awe at the lack of any adequate assessment of the Belgian Air Force attacks that occurred on October 18, not just from Washington, but also from the EU.

Maybe the EU politicians have assumed that the attack was committed by Britain and not Belgium, and the EU will no be compelled to bear the responsibility for these actions? Or is it possible that Brussels hasn’t received instructions from Washington yet, since they are clearly unaccustomed to make any official statements without those.

It’s also possible that by remaining silent about the war crimes under Aleppo, Washington and Brussels want to show the world that they can still act with impunity, as it was in Libya, Iraq and a number of other countries. Then, it seems that this manifestation continues, since on the night of October 18, the United States Air Force attacked a densely populated part of the Iraqi city of Mosul, at the very same moment when the city was being shelled by cluster munitions and incendiary shells launched by the US allies. We already have a video footage of the bombed kindergarten in the town of Tal Afar, west of Mosul. In addition, social networks are being filled with pictures of the atrocities that the militants supported by the US commit.

So who will pay for the civilian deaths in Hassager?

– Washington, that has already paid the compensation to the family of an Italian citizen Giovanni Lo Porto that was murdered by a US drone.

– Or the Belgian authorities and the EU?

What do you think?

And will there finally be any objectivity in the actions of European and American politicians? Or to achieve this, one has to replace the entire ruling political establishment in the West?

Martin Berger is a freelance journalist and geopolitical analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”  

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