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How much cash do you have with you at the moment?

As Statista’s Martin Armstrong explains,  the answer to this question will probably depend, not only on your bank balance, but also on the country in which you live.

As figures from the Access to Cash Review show, there are significant cultural differences in the use of cash in Europe.

Infographic: Where Cash is King in Europe | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

In Greece and Spain, the vast majority of in-person purchases are made with cash – 88 and 87 percent respectively. While in Sweden, Denmark and the UK, most items are paid for digitally.

In the report, which focuses on the UK, despite the relatively low share of people relying on cash in their everyday lives, it was found that over 8 million adults – about 17 percent of the population – would struggle to cope in a cashless society.

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