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In England, for many years, grooming gangs composed mostly of Pakistani Muslims, abused, sexually molested and terrorized young girls. The authorities did nothing. Why? Because the men were Muslims in a time when criticizing Muslims in any way was considered racist, though Muslims are not a race. Islam is a religion. In England, it is considered okay to criticize Christians, but not Muslims.

Over 1,400 young girls in Rottheram were victimized by these gangs, yet no one in authority dared do anything to stop it. Countless other young girls, (and sometimes young boys), in other districts were likewise victimized.

Andrew Norfolk, a reporter for The Times of London, spent 4 years reporting on these crimes before anything substantial was done by the authorities. It was the Times that, through relentless reporting, brought these crimes into public view.

Political Correctness caused these young children to suffer in unbelievable ways. Many are scarred for life. Political Correctness. What is more important, Political Correctness or the well-being and safety of these young girls?

Andrew Norfolk deserves to be Knighted, not people like Jimmy Saville.

Around the world, sex trafficking is running rampant. Yes, even in America. So is organ harvesting. Yet, no one wants to talk about it. For the sake of the young girls and boys, we MUST put an end to it. We must talk about it, and do something about it. Those in positions of authority must stop worrying about Political Correctness. They must begin to be human once again.

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